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Why Are Pedestrian Deaths at a 30-Year High?

Across America in 2018, 6,227 pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents. This is the highest number in three decades, according to a report from the Governors Highway Safety Association. The report [...]

What To Do When Hit By A High Driver

The consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol have been well-documented in the media. While similar, the effects of driving high aren’t as widely known. As more and more states [...]

What To Do When Hit By A Tired Driver

Imagine this: you’re behind the wheel on a long stretch of highway. It’s late at night and there are few other vehicles on the road. Your seat is comfortable, the temperature [...]

What To Do When Hit By A Drunk Driver

Driving While Drunk  The dangers associated with drunk driving have been well-publicized. For decades, young people have been warned about the risks from groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving and DARE. [...]

Spring Break Travel Safety

There’s no vacation more quintessentially American than a road trip. Whether you opt to cruise down the Pacific Coast Highway or hit Route 66 for your spring break, the gorgeous vistas [...]

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