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Spring Break Travel Safety

There’s no vacation more quintessentially American than a road trip. Whether you opt to cruise down the Pacific Coast Highway or hit Route 66 for your spring break, the gorgeous vistas [...]

Hit by an Uninsured Motorist

Car accidents can be terrifying. A normal commute to work can become the source of serious pain, fear, and financial distress when it is interrupted by a crash. Insult is added [...]

Drowsy Driving: 5 Surprising Statistics

Millions of Americans get behind the wheel each day with coffee in hand. Whether they are commuting to the office, on a long road trip or simply in need of some [...]

Why Does Traffic Happen?

We’ve all been there: cruising along the highway, the wind in our hair, when a sudden slowing of traffic occurs seemingly out of nowhere. Though we’ve all sat through our fair [...]

How to Make Your Teen a Better Driver

We all want the best for our kids. From the day our children are born, we dutifully shop for the safest cribs, hunt for quality daycare and do all we can [...]

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