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Spring Break Travel Safety

There’s no vacation more quintessentially American than a road trip. Whether you opt to cruise down the Pacific Coast Highway or hit Route 66 for your spring break, the gorgeous vistas [...]

The Rights of Minors Injured in a Car Accident

Minors Injured in a Car Accident Children are among the most vulnerable members of society. Their small stature, inherent trust in others and lack of life experience can result in dangerous [...]

Hit by an Underinsured Motorist

Underinsured Driver Coverage Car accidents are incredibly stressful, but they are taken to a whole new level when they involve underinsured drivers. While most states require drivers to possess at least [...]

Hit by an Uninsured Motorist

Car accidents can be terrifying. A normal commute to work can become the source of serious pain, fear, and financial distress when it is interrupted by a crash. Insult is added [...]

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