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How well do you know your insurance company’s claims process?

If you’ve been in a car accident, one of the first things you’ll probably want to do — after posting about the wreck on social media — is contact your insurance company. You’ll want to have a record of details about the accident, such as when, where and how the accident occurred, in order to start the process of opening a claim with your insurer. A claim is the process you must follow in order to be compensated for your financial damages resulting from the accident. For many motorists, dealing with an insurance company’s claims department can be just as stressful and worrisome as the accident itself.

At Lawsuit Info Center, we’re here to help! Use the Auto Insurance Company Claims Process section of our website to learn all about your insurer’s specific claims process and find out what you can expect while working on recovering damages that resulted from a car accident.

Just choose your insurer from the list on the right and read the details of that company’s claims process.