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The Rights of Minors Injured in a Car Accident

Minors Injured in a Car Accident

Children are among the most vulnerable members of society. Their small stature, inherent trust in others and lack of life experience can result in dangerous outcomes. Parents never imagine their child will be hurt in a car crash, but when accidents occur, the impact is significant. Most children injured in car accidents are passengers, but kids who are walking or biking when struck by a vehicle should also be treated as victims. When this kind of incident occurs, no amount of compensation can make up for the frustration and powerlessness felt by the family. Understanding the rights of minors injured in a car accident can, however, help parents hold negligent drivers responsible for their carelessness.

There are several steps to take when your child has been involved in a wreck. First and foremost, seek appropriate medical care for the victim. The health of your child cannot be neglected. Concussions and other head injuries need special attention since brain injuries can impact a person for the rest of their life. When not diagnosed correctly, these injuries can inhibit your child’s chance at academic and professional success. While it may be tough to front the money for medical bills, a car accident settlement can help cover the costs associated with the child’s injuries.

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Once your child has been treated for their injuries, seek out the advice of an experienced car accident attorney. The insurance company will want to settle any accident claims involving children fairly quickly, so it’s important to consult with an attorney before accepting any settlement money. There are also important deadlines to consider. Every state has a statute of limitations on car accident lawsuits. By partnering with a car crash lawyer early in the process, you’ll avoid missing any such deadlines.

Some families may feel hesitant about taking legal action against the at-fault driver, particularly if they are a friend or loved one. In many cases, though, settlements can be negotiated with the insurance company and never be escalated to the courtroom. While it may initially feel odd to hold a friend responsible for their actions behind the wheel, it is necessary when a child suffers because of their negligence.

When considering the rights of minors injured in a car accident, it’s important to understand that victims can pursue legal action even after they turn 18. In the event of a parent failing to pursue a car accident settlement for their child, the victim can assert their own rights to compensation. Of course, having an attorney guide you through the process can make the battle for justice easier. A car accident lawyer can help ensure the victim’s rights are protected.

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If you have questions about an accident your child was involved in, Lawsuit Info Center can help. By connecting families with area car crash attorneys, we facilitate the kinds of relationships necessary to pursue justice. The rights of minors injured in a car accident should be taken just as seriously as those of adult victims. The rules and regulations surrounding personal injury claims filed on behalf of children can be confusing, so its best to work with an experienced professional to pursue compensation. Get started today by calling 877-810-4067.

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