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What To Do When Hit By A Tired Driver

Imagine this: you’re behind the wheel on a long stretch of highway. It’s late at night and there are few other vehicles on the road. Your seat is comfortable, the temperature in the car is at your ideal setting and the radio is droning on in the background. Perhaps you didn’t get enough sleep last night, or it’s past your bedtime – whatever the reason, your eyes become heavy. You do what you can to wake up: you roll down the windows, drink a latte, blast loud music. With just a few more miles to go, you don’t want to pull over and rest.

Many of us will experience this exact scenario at one point or another. Many time, it ends exactly how you’d expect: arriving at your destination a little bleary-eyed but no worse for the wear. Sometimes, though, driving tired results in the kind of terrible tragedy that forever changes the lives of those involved.

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Driving Drunk or Drowsy?

 Drowsy driving isn’t something most people take seriously. While drunk and distracted driving grabs many headlines, driving tired is something much more commonplace. Most people will admit to driving while sleepy at one point or another. It’s the reason so many rest stops and gas stations sell coffee and energy drinks. Those involved in accidents involving drowsy motorists can tell you: driving tired is just as dangerous as driving under the influence.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, being awake for 18 hours makes drivers perform as though they have a .05 blood alcohol level (.08 is considered over the limit in most states). Stay up 24 hours and your driving will be similar to that of someone with a .10 blood alcohol level. While most people would never dream of drinking and driving, many will happily get behind the wheel when tired.

Consequences of Driving Tired

 When a person decides to drive while drowsy, the results can be dire. Most drowsy driving accidents occur after midnight, with the motorist not attempting to avert a collision – because they are asleep at the wheel. These accidents typically occur on high-speed roads, which means the injuries sustained in the car wrecks are often serious. Fatigued driving accidents often result in wrong way collisions and overcorrections.

Victims of drowsy driving accidents are often left seriously injured, sometimes fatally so. Anyone involved in such a crash should consider hiring a car accident attorney for help bringing the irresponsible driver to justice. Even in situations where the accident victim was killed in the wreck, a lawyer can assist in recovering costs associated with the wreck.

No one should suffer because of someone’s decision to drive tired. When this occurs, Lawsuit Info Center is eager to connect experienced personal injury attorneys to victims and their families. While nothing can turn back the clock and prevent an accident, a car crash settlement can help ease the financial burden brought on by the incident. Get started today by calling 877-810-4067.

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