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Sample Demand Letters

Sample Demand Letters

We’ve included a variety of sample demand letters to help you get the most for your car accident injury.  Each link will take you to the specific sample car accident demand letter. These demand letters include:


Head On Auto Accident

Motorcycle Accident

Truck Collision

Rear End Collision

Whiplash Injury

Pedestrian vs Auto

Still looking for answers? Read our blog post on how to write an insurance company demand letter.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: How long does it take to get a settlement after a demand letter is sent?

A: This can vary from one insurance  company to the next, and can depend on how swamped the insurance company is. Assuming a settlement has been reached, once the agreement is signed there’s typically a month or two before you can expect to see that money in the bank.

If the demand letter is more of a starting point for the negotiations, the timeframe for getting your car accident settlement may be a lot longer, depending on how much back & forth negotiation between the two sides is needed.

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