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Thanks for visiting us! Lawsuitinfocenter.com is a website dedicated to helping you get through the difficulties of trying to get a fair settlement amount for your car, truck, or motorcycle accident. Our network of injury attorneys, personal finance experts, writers, researchers and reviewers, answer questions about car accident claims and keep you up to date on the important information, laws, tips and tricks to help you get the largest settlement possible. 

Through our articles, videos, FAQ’s and interactive calculators, we provide you with: 

  • Distilled, up to date information about important aspects of a car accident claim, including how to calculate the value of your car accident claim, write a letter of settlement for a car accident, when to hire an attorney for your claim, and what not to do when speaking to an insurance claims adjuster. 
  • Guides to help you file your car accident claim yourself, understand applicable car accident laws in your state, and generally understand all your options so you can make the most informed decisions possible.
  • Provide average historical car accident settlement amounts for a variety of car accidents scenarios, injuries, and insurance companies. 
  • Free consultations with law firms who can help clarify your situation, walk you through options, and take legal action when necessary.

Our team of writers, researchers and content producers provide only the most relevant, timely, and helpful news and tips, helping consumers through the difficult and confusing times following life altering injuries. We are a team of legal and finance nerds who are constantly on the lookout for new updates to help you increase the amount of your car accident settlement, as well as compiling the best collection of legal information available. From state law guides to free legal forms, videos to news articles, our mission is to simplify and streamline the process of learning your legal rights and when needed, connecting with an attorney who can help.

Our nationwide network of nationwide auto accident attorneys has collected billions of dollars from insurance companies on behalf of their clients. They are available and ready to answer any questions you may have about your situation, with no cost to you and no strings attached.

In addition to a completely free, no obligation legal consultation, all lawyers and firms in our network charge on contingency, meaning if you don’t get paid, you owe nothing.

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LawsuitInforCenter.com also has an extensive resource section where you can learn a lot of important information about personal injury lawsuits:

  • Car Accident Settlement Calculator: Use our free proprietary car accident settlement calculator tool to get a rough idea of the settlement you might get. Try the car accident settlement calculator now. 
  • Insurance Company Claims Guides & Comparisons: Learn how to start the process of filing a car accident claim, learn what to say (and not to say!) to an insurance claims adjuster and more! Learn which insurance companies have the highest payouts and which auto insurers are best for each age group when negotiating a car accident settlement. 
  • FAQs: Frequently asked questions about all facets of the car accident settlement process
  • Insurance Company Arbitration: When settlement talks break down between insurance companies, sometimes they will go to arbitration, which is a way to resolve a legal dispute without going to court. Learn all about the car accident arbitration process
  • Settlement Demand Letters: If you want to get a settlement from the other driver, you and/or your attorney will need to send a car accident settlement demand letter to the insurance company detailing the compensation you want, and why you deserve that amount. 
  • State Guides: Each state has different laws guiding the car accident settlement process, from the amount of time to file a car accident claim, to how the level of fault attributed to each driver can affect the payout each one will get. Our state guides to car accident law will give you the knowledge you need to maximize your settlement in all 50 states. 
  • Car Accident Settlement Guides: Tips that can help you to get the best car accident settlement, ranging from what to do immediately after a car accident to when to hire a lawyer for your claim. Read the first car accident settlement guide here

If you have been in an accident and are thinking about filing a car accident claim, you can use the resources of LawsuitInfoCenter.com to help you. We also can help connect you, free of charge, to a local car accident attorney who can give you an accurate settlement estimate and answer any specific questions you may have about your claim. 

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