Farmers Insurance Claims Process

Understanding the Farmers Insurance Claims Process

Being in a car crash is an all-around terrible experience. But unfortunately, it doesn’t end at the scene of the accident. No, you still have to get through the paperwork. Part of the paperwork includes the auto accident settlement process (or claims). It’s an essential part of the paperwork. Without this process, you might not be able to collect damages. And you deserve damages for your pain and suffering. Not only that, but the claims process will help cover the cost of vehicle repairs. In this article, we’re going to look at the claims process for Farmers Insurance. 

Stress, trauma, and overwhelm are just a few of the words that describe how car accidents feel. Paperwork is the last thing you want to think about. But you have to. So, we want to make the process as easy as possible. The Lawsuit Info Center is here to make your life easier. We’re going to help you navigate through the claims process. 

Reporting Your Accident

You’ll be pretty shaken up after a car accident. After all, it’s not something anyone plans for or expects. But as jarring as it is, it’s important to follow the right steps. Following these steps can be a dealbreaker for collecting damages. Everything might feel foggy, but do your best.

First and foremost, immediately contact your local authorities. You can do so by calling 911 and giving them the location of your accident. Police will come to the scene of the accident. They will determine who was at fault and fill out a report. Call the police, no matter how minor the accident was. A fender bender needs to be treated seriously. Why? You can get whiplash from it. You’ll need to prove that the whiplash is from the car accident. That begins with the police report. You’ll ultimately send a copy of that report to Farmers Insurance. 

When the police come, emergency first responders will accompany them. A physical examination at the scene of the accident is important. Allow them to check you out, even if you aren’t in pain. Sometimes pain from injuries doesn’t surface immediately.

Second, schedule a same-day or next-day appointment with your primary care physician. Either that, or go to the ER. You’ll want this as part of your trail of evidence. Having an on-site examination and a doctor’s visit will undoubtedly tie your injuries to the accident. Otherwise, the other party could claim your injuries aren’t related to the accident. This will help ensure that you collect damages for your pain and suffering. 

Third and finally, file your claim. We recommend filing your claim on the same day that accident takes place. Preferably, file your claim with all the documentation. However, filing your claim in a timely manner is more important. It’s okay to file your claim with just the police report if you haven’t been to the doctor yet. Just get everything done as quickly as possible. 

 Starting Your Claim

Have you been in a car accident before? If not, filing your claim will be a new experience. But don’t worry. We’ll walk you through it. 

You can file your claim in one of three ways. If you don’t mind phone calls or waiting on hold, you can call Farmers Insurance. Call 1-800-435-7764 to get started. An authorized Farmers Insurance representative will help you. They’ll collect your information. They’ll type everything in for you and tell you anything you need to know. 

Your other options include filing a claim on the Farmers Insurance website or in the mobile app. What the representative would tell you will be information for you to read. 

When you’re ready to file your claim, make sure you have everything you need.

First, you’ll need your Farmers Insurance policy number. You can find it on your ID card. Most insurance companies have your ID cards ready for you in the app. You can also provide personal information to the representative to have it pulled up. Personal information includes your date of birth and home address. It can also be your phone number or social security number.

Second, know the details and be specific. Don’t say “it happened near Broadbent Street.” Instead, say “It happened at the northeast corner of Broadbent Street and Elmarr Street.” Give your best estimation for the time of day when the accident took place. 

Third, describe the accident. It’s unlikely that you’ll remember all the details. But share all the details you remember. Be honest. Your insurance party needs your honesty to get you through the claims process. This includes stating whether you were at fault (partially or entirely). Farmers Insurance won’t tell the other insurance company more than they need to do. 

Fourth, Farmers Insurance will need everyone’s contact information. That means everyone who was in the accident. Give them all the information located on their ID cards. Farmers Insurance will reach out to the other drivers and get their statements. 

Farmers Insurance will also ask you questions that pertain to your accident. They’ll ask you different questions if you were in a side sweep collision than if you rear-ended someone. All the questions that Farmers Insurance asks you will help them. They want to get your claim resolved as quickly as possible.  

After you’ve filed your claim, you’ll receive a number to track it with. You can call Farmers Insurance to get an update on your claim. But a quicker way is to visit and type in your claims number. You can also do this in the app. 

Fixing Your Vehicle

After taking the previous steps, it will be time to fix your vehicle. That is, if your vehicle suffered damage. If your vehicle is fine, then you’re done! But if your vehicle took damage, it’s the final step in the claims process. Your deductible will apply here. If the damage is extensive, it’s likely that it will exceed your deductible. But you might just need a fresh coat of paint and a dent popped back into place. If your deductible is $1,000, you might pay entirely out of pocket for your repairs. Simply put, Farmers Insurance will cover any repair costs that exceed your deductible. 

If your car repairs are extensive, you’ll want to get a rental car. Farmers will pay for your rental car reimbursement if you have that coverage. Otherwise, you’ll need to pay for it yourself.

What if you have a totaled vehicle? The total cost of damages might exceed the value of your car. If this happens, you’ll receive a check for the fair market value of your vehicle. You can buy another vehicle that is comparable. You’ll be on the road in your own ride again before you know it! 

Find a Lawyer to Help With the Farmers Insurance Claims Process

Walking you through the claims process makes it seem doable. Like it’s something you can tackle. However, reality is, not everything goes according to plan. Even if you nail the process, things might still go wrong. Life has a tendency to be like that. Thankfully, there’s a solution. 

Auto accident attorneys handle claims that go awry. It’s what they do all day long, every single day. Is the insurance adjuster trying to get you to settle for less than you deserve? Is the other party claiming that you were at fault? Maybe your car ended up totaled and the check is for way less than its worth. Auto accident attorneys have heard it all. It’s their job to fight what’s unfair for you. 

If you’ve never spoken with an attorney, the Lawsuit Info Center is here to help. Our website is full of resources. We can help you find an attorney to represent you. We also provide information about other insurance companies. Browsing through our website will educate and prepare you for what’s to come.

We know that getting into a car accident is an entirely bad experience. We hope that your stress levels are reduced now that you know how to file a claim. If we can be of assistance, please reach out to us. The Lawsuit Info Center is here to help as you handle your claim.