Wawanesa Claims Process

Wawanesa Claims Process

If you are in a car accident, this is a very stressful time for you. The last thing you need after a car accident is a stressful hassle with an auto insurance claim. Fortunately, the auto accident settlement process with Wawanesa is quite straightforward and simple to understand. Below is more information about how to initiate and proceed through your Wawanesa car accident claim.

Claim Overview

According to the company website, Wawanesa auto insurance customers enjoy an auto claims services that is both quick and fair. The auto claims staff is pleased to meet or exceed customer expectations throughout the car accident claims process. At the customer’s request, the claims department can discuss with you any collision shops the company has worked with that has delivered good results.

A Wawanesa claims representative will be available to you from the time you report the claim to discuss the best repair shops in your area. Wawanesa will not recommend shops or contractors to you unless it is completely confident they will provide you with the best possible repairs. Of course, you the customer have the right always to select your own collision repair shop.

Claim Process

To make a claim with Wawanesa Insurance, visit this page on their website. You also can call their toll free number at 1-844-929-2637 to file your claim. They can also help you decide whether to go through the Wawanesa arbitration process or file a standard car accident claim.

Repairing Your Vehicle

Wawanesa Insurance customers can take their vehicle to any collision shop they wish for repairs. If you are not sure which to use, Wawanesa has a list of quality repair facilities in your area. Once the vehicle has been taken to the auto body shop, the claims adjuster for Wawanesa will take pictures and notes if they have not done so yet.

In some accident cases, vehicles will be totaled. In such a situation, Wawanesa may pay you the value of the vehicle minus your deposit. If you do not think the amount you were offered is enough, an attorney may help you to negotiate a fairer sum. Attorneys handle insurance company negotiations on a daily basis, so it can be beneficial to retain an attorney if you think you have not gotten a fair settlement offer. Many people have increased the amount of car accident compensation they’ve recieved simply by getting a free consultation with a personal injury attorney and asking good questions.

Wawanesa Insurance FAQ

Below are some of the questions often asked by Wawanesa customers:

  • Do you have a new claims reporting service that is 24/7?

Yes, customers can report a new claim 24/7.

  • Why do I need to pay my deductible if I did not cause the accident?

Your deductible is not in place because of anything to do with fault. A deductible on your insurance claim must always be paid, unless you chose a zero deductible policy. However, if the other driver caused the accident, it is possible in some cases for Wawenesa to recover your deductible from the other insurance carrier during the car accident settlement process.

  • May I select my own auto body or collision repair facility?

Yes, you always have the option of selecting your own repair facility. Wawenesa also has its own recommended Direct Repair Facilities it works with whose work is guaranteed by that shop and by Wawanesa Insurance. But federal and state law mandates that all customers have the right to choose their own repair facility.

  • When can I get my deductible back if I was not at fault?

This is not an easy question to answer. Wawenesa has no legal right to demand your deductible from the party who caused the accident, or from their insurance company. Wawenesa will do so as a courtesy to its customers in the hope that the other auto insurance company will cooperate and return your deductible, but we have no way of guaranteeing this will happen.

  • Why does my policy have Medical Payments Coverage when I must use my health insurance coverage first?

The insurance contract you purchased is one that features excess medical payments coverage which places the condition upon payment that you must use your health insurance coverage first. The insurance premium for this coverage at Wawenesa is low because it is intended to be excess coverage.

  • Can Wawenesa demand the at fault driver’s insurance company or the driver to pay for my damages?

As an insurance company, Wawanesa is only here to pay you for your covered loss. The company does not have the legal right to demand that another person or entity pay for your damages. You or your attorney are the only ones who can do that.

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