Who is at Fault in a Head On Collision?

Colliding with another vehicle head-on is among the most-dangerous of all types of  car accidents. These accidents frequently result in devastating injuries; and, tragically, many of these car accidents are fatal. If you’ve been injured or lost a loved one, you should...

Who is at Fault in a Rollover Car Accident?

Rollover auto accidents can have life-changing consequences. Learn how to avoid them and if needed, get compensated for your rollover accident injuries.  Rollover auto accidents cause serious and fatal injuries at disproportionately high rates. While these car...
How Drug Companies Influence Doctors

How Drug Companies Influence Doctors

In the video below, former Pfizer executive Peter Rost explains how the pharmaceutical industry exerts it’s influence on the medical industry. It’s pretty eye opening to hear how they not only influence doctors at the prescription level, but on the medical...
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