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Learn important factors affecting hip injury settlements

A car accident involves a high level of trauma to the body. Hip injuries and hip pain are common after many car accidents because of the violent forces involved in the impact.

The purpose of this article is to offer an overview of hip injuries that occur after car accidents, as well as the types of settlements one can expect from hip injuries and hip fractures due to accidents.

Hip Pain Symptoms After an Accident

The hip is a complex joint that can be severely damaged in a car accident. The joint contains a relatively low amount of fluids. If trauma strikes the hip joint in an accident, the space in the joint may be filled with pus or blood, and can lead to the hip capsule being damaged. This leads to pain. The hips also carry much of the weight of the human body. After a car accident, injuries to the hip can cause many symptoms as you go about your daily activities. Some of the common symptoms of hip pain after car accidents include:

  • Pain in the groin, back or legs
  • Pinched nerves causing lower back pain
  • Limping
  • Throbbing pain in the knee and/or upper legs

A car accident also can cause hip dislocation, hip fracture and stress fracture, all of which are very painful. If you have been in an accident and are experiencing any of these hip pain symptoms, it is important to be treated by a medical professional as soon as possible. But remember that hip pain may not show up right away after the accident. Be on alert for any of these symptoms manifesting in the first hours or days after the car accident.

Common Hip Injuries After Car Accidents

Thousands of serious car accidents happen every year. Many of them lead to serious hip injuries. If you suffer a hip injury in a car accident caused by another person, you could be entitled to financial compensation. Most hip injuries from car crashes are painful and can be very expensive to treat. Treatment for some hip injuries can include surgery and hip replacement can be needed. Long term rehabilitation can take a great deal of recovery time and can result in loss of income. Some of the most common hip injuries during car accidents are:

Acetabular fracture

This is a break of the bone in your hip socket. This is a very serious and painful condition that is common in high speed car accidents.


The hip injury can cause inflammation of the bursae surrounding the hip joint. Some of the symptoms of this hip injury are tenderness, loss of hip movement and swelling.

Hip fracture

Hip fractures are extremely common in severe car accidents, and are worth examining in detail.

This is a fracture of the hip joint itself that can be caused by the knee smashing into the dashboard, or a T-bone accident causing a high force impact to the side of the hip. Note that the hip has three major sections: the ilium, the pubis and the ischium. Fractures can happen in any of these bones. Any fracture to the hip bone also is considered a fractured pelvis, as this bone is part of your pelvic bones.

During a front-end collision, the impact force will push your leg into the hip joint. This can break not just the hip joint but also may cause the joint to dislocate. The force of the car accident may also cause the head of the femur to slam into the acetabulum and break the bone.

After the car crash impact, you will probably be in extreme pain from a hip fracture. The blunt force trauma usually damages bones and the soft tissues that are full of sensitive nerve endings. You also will probably notice you cannot move the hip at all without agonizing pain. Attempting to put any weight on the hip will also result in a lot of pain. A fractured him may also cause skin bruising and swelling. You also may notice one leg is shorter than the other.

Depending upon the severity of the hip fracture, your doctor may prescribe you drugs to reduce pain and inflammation first. Also, you may use a walker or a pair of crutches to give the joint time to heal. This will help you to retain movement and keep weight off the region.

Surgery may be required if your hip injury from a car accident is extensive, such as an open hip fracture or the injury leads to severe body instability. Physical therapy may also be needed to prevent the joint from becoming immobile during the healing process.

Some hip fractures will require the implanting of screws, rods or metal components to fix the fracture. Others may not need surgery, and can be treated with physical therapy, drugs and activity modification.

Hip dislocation

A high-speed car crash can dislocate the entire joint. This is a very traumatic injury that needs immediate medical care. People who suffer a hip dislocation will know right away because they will feel it pop out of place. It is likely that standing, or walking will be almost impossible.


This injury can cause hip pain after a car accident. It usually is due to overuse or repetitive motion, but it can occur in an accident, as well. Any hip injury in a car accident can affect the tendons and ligaments in the hip joint. This type of hip strain or sprain is very common after accidents. While they are far less severe than hip dislocation or hip fracture, the injury still can be very painful. Common treatments for this condition include anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, modifying activities and steroid injections.

With proper medical attention and enough time, many hip injuries caused by car accidents can partially or entirely heal. However, a serious complication of a car accident hip injury is traumatic arthritis. In some accident cases, traumatic arthritis can cause a lot of hip pain and poor function of the joint. This could necessitate a total hip replacement, which requires months of recovery.

Hip Injury Liability

Hip problems from car accidents can cause serious mobility problems for patients, depending upon their job and activity level. If, for example, your job requires you to walk a lot in a warehouse, a major hip injury from a car accident will prevent you from doing your job for months in some cases. These financial losses add up, and if the accident was caused by another person, you may file a personal injury lawsuit for your hip injury damages.

If the other driver is responsible for your hip injuries, you may be able to recover compensation that includes:

  • Medical expenses that are needed to treat hip pain or to fix the hip injury
  • Future medical costs that will be needed to give care to treat the hip problem
  • Any lost earnings in the past, present or future related to recovering from the hip injury
  • Any loss of earning ability that is related to pain and/or lack of mobility related to the car accident hip injury

Hip Injury Car Accident Settlement

How much a hip fracture is worth in a personal injury settlement depends on several things. First, it is important to get a firm idea of what your extent of pain and suffering is worth. Hip fractures and/or displacements are very serious injuries. They take a long time to get better. If the hip injury requires major surgery or even a hip replacement, you will probably get more compensation than for a less severe hip injury. This is because more medical bills, lost earnings and additional pain and suffering will add up to be much more in the end.

The court or insurance company also must consider what you go through in the healing process and the potential disability you could suffer temporarily or permanently from the damaged joint. If your hip joint is permanently damaged, the potential settlement easily can run into the millions of dollars.

To get a better idea of the amount of compensation you could receive, talk to an experienced hip injury car accident attorney in your area. The attorney will probably have experience in hip fractures or displacements like yours. They can look up recent settlements and verdicts for similar hip injuries in your geographic area.

Hip Injury Conclusion

Many hip injuries from major car accidents are serious injuries. If the injury is a fracture or dislocation, it can take many months to heal. Medical care and recovery will get very expensive and easily can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars, and even more if major surgery is needed. Many accident victims will rely upon their own health insurance policy to pay for their medical costs. But in these types of major injuries, your personal healthcare benefits could become exhausted quickly.

It is important to contact an experienced personal injury attorney in a hip injury case, if the accident was caused by another person. A personal injury attorney can assist you with filing a personal injury lawsuit or claim, and can provide a good idea of the type of compensation you could be entitled to.