It is no surprise that auto insurance companies try to pay out as little claims as they can to avoid paying for your personal injuries. Negotiating effectively with the auto insurance company can be challenging, but that is what your personal injury attorney is for.

If you want to get as much money as possible out of your car accident settlement, most car accident lawyers recommend the following:

Maintain Accurate Records

If you were in a car accident and you think another driver caused it, it is important to keep accurate records of the accident. You need to collect police reports. Also important are your medical treatment documents and witness statements.

The other driver’s auto insurance company will try to collect information that it can use against you. This would leave you at a major disadvantage if you failed to keep correct documentation.

When you hire your lawyer, she will finish this key investigation for you, and will ensure that all necessary records have been gathered and are presented when you go to settlement.

Take Pictures

It is always keep to take photographs of the scene of the accident and your injuries. If you can, take pictures of where the cars ended up after the crash, as well as the damages to both cars at the scene.

Good photographs are an excellent piece of evidence that your lawyer can use during the negotiations. If the case goes to trial, having good photographs will act as a strong visual for the jury.

Don’t Accept the First Settlement Offer

Insurance adjusters use various methods to get you to agree to a smaller settlement than you deserve. The adjuster could even attempt to get you to admit the accident was your fault when it clearly was not.

The job of the adjuster is to get you to agree to a small settlement before an attorney gets involved in your case. Once you have an attorney, the adjuster will not be able to bully you into taking a low settlement offer.

Do What the Doctor Says

If you were hurt in a car accident and are getting treatment from a medical professional, it is important to continue to see the doctor until your treatments are complete. If you do not follow your doctor’s orders, you could lose a lot of money in your settlement. The insurance company will check for any gap in your treatment plan and will attempt to argue that you were not really hurt because you did not follow the doctor’s order.

Also, note that the insurance company may decline to pay for medical bills that accumulated after the gap in treatment happened. So, some of your medical expenses could be not covered because you failed to follow the treatment plan ordered by your doctor.

Keep Good Records

You should keep a good record of how your injuries are affecting your life. If your case ever goes to trial, it may be hard to remember how you were feeling at any particular time, or how your injuries bothered you on a particular day.

With a journal, you can make a very accurate and clear picture to the jury about how much your injuries changed your life for the worse.

When trying to get pain and suffering compensation, it is very helpful to have a detailed record of all the activities you could not participate in because of your accident injuries.

File the Case Quickly

Every state has a statute of limitations for when you can file a personal injury claim. This can range from one to four years from the date of the accident. But the sooner you file the better. Some of the strength of your claim could be from the testimony of witnesses. Witnesses’ memories fade, they move away, etc. The sooner that you get the case filed with the evidence fresh, the more likely you can get a good settlement.

You also should give your attorney plenty of time to build your case, so do not wait until the last minute to file.

Get A Good Personal Injury Attorney

If you are involved in an auto accident with any injuries, it is important to get in touch with a good personal injury attorney in your state immediately. Also, never speak to the other personal auto insurance company until you have an attorney handling your case. If you say the wrong thing to the adjuster without an attorney’s help, you could end up losing much of the compensation you deserve.

Your attorney is skilled in handling complex negotiations with insurance adjusters to ensure that you receive every dime you deserve.

If you do not yet have an attorney, use the resources of this website to help you find a good personal injury attorney in your state.