About Graham Bersche, JD

About Graham Bersche, JD

A graduate of Trinity Law School in Southern California, Graham Bersche has experience as a paralegal, negotiator, and legal writer. He lives in Los Angeles and is passionate about helping people who’ve been injured in car accidents to understand the laws governing their situations and learn how to maximize their car accident settlements.


  • JD, Trinity Law School, 2019

7 Common Car Accident Deposition Questions

Common Questions to Expect During a Car Accident Deposition If you’ve ever been involved in a car accident claim, chances are you’ve either had to sit for a deposition, or will have to at some point soon. While a car accident deposition isn’t court...

Can You Reopen a Car Accident Claim?

In 2022, millions of car accident settlements will be awarded across the United States, totaling billions of dollars in damages and auto insurance claim payouts. One of the important but less understood aspects of a car accident claim is this: Once a car accident...

How to Get a Police Report Amended

Getting a Police Report Amended Most car accidents generate a flurry of paperwork. One very important piece of paper you will want to keep on file is your police report. A police report is an official overview of who was involved and how the accident occurred. It is...