Uber is often a popular choice for customers who want to save on taxi fares. Uber hires private drivers who are independent contractors to give transportation to Uber customers. It is a very affordable way to get where you need to go. But Uber drivers are not given additional safety training to drive passengers or operate a commercial vehicle. That is why Uber drivers are involved in more auto accidents. 

If you were hurt by an Uber driver, you must wonder if you can sue Uber for damages. The answer is: It depends. Whether or not you can file an auto accident injury lawsuit against Uber depends on the accident facts and the laws where the crash happened. Other vital factors are whether you were a bystander, a passenger, and whether the accident was caused by the Uber driver. 

In short, suing an Uber driver for injures as a passenger is a special type of case that may result in a car accident settlement with the ride-sharing company and its insurer.

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