The Car Accident Arbitration Process

//The Car Accident Arbitration Process

The Car Accident Arbitration Process

After a car accident, your options may feel limited. Part of what makes a collision so traumatic is the loss of control over your physical (and sometimes mental) well-being. After bruises fade and broken bones heal, though, many car accident victims are still stuck with options they feel are unfair. For example, if your car insurance company offers you a settlement amount to cover the damages you sustained in your wreck, an unexpectedly low figure can feel disheartening. Thankfully, there are options to hold the insurance company responsible for what you feel is owed to you.

Understanding Arbitration

The car accident arbitration process exists to allow drivers to dispute car insurance matters without escalating to the courtroom. Considered a last-ditch approach before a lawsuit is filed, arbitration allows both the driver and the insurance company to present their case before a neutral, third-party referee known as an arbitrator. Though less formal than a traditional court proceeding, arbitration is every bit as legally valid as decisions made by a judge or jury. Generally speaking, arbitration is legally binding and there are no options for appealing the decision made by the arbitrator.

Those living in a no-fault insurance state are required to seek arbitration when they need to resolve an accident settlement dispute. Others may opt into arbitration to save money and time by avoiding a lawsuit. Arbitration tends to be scheduled far more quickly than your average court case, meaning drivers have a quicker path to resolution. The entire process generally takes no more than 80 days from the time someone requests arbitration to the point where they receive their awarded settlement.

Preparing for Arbitration

Both parties involved in the claim must agree on an arbitrator. Often a single individual with a history as a judge or attorney, arbitrators can also be a group or an organization. Though either party can nominate an arbitrator, everyone must come to an agreement on the final choice.

Once an arbitrator has been chosen, a date is selected as a deadline for all documentation to be exchanged. You’ll also choose a date for the actual arbitration hearing. During the time before the hearing, it’s important to review all the documents you can relating to your claim. Collect any evidence you can to weaken your opponent’s case and be ready to share it during the arbitration hearing.

What to Expect

While arbitration hearings lack the same formalities as court hearings, they require many of the same tasks. On the day of the arbitration hearing, you’ll need to come prepared to make an opening statement, call witnesses and cross-examine them, and present evidence to support your claim. You’ll need a strategy in mind to handle opposition from the other party, and you should have a closing statement prepared.

All parties will be in the room when arbitration occurs. Typically lasting only a couple of hours, the hearing should be long enough for you to explain your argument, the damages you sustained and the settlement you’d like. Be sure to have evidence backing up every claim you make, as the arbitrator will likely ask for proof of your statements.

The arbitrator may take a week or two to determine the outcome of the hearing. They will issue an award statement, including a brief explanation of why they made their choice. The result of the arbitration hearing is legally binding, and there is no option for appealing the decision if you’re unhappy with the result.

Get the Help You Need

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the arbitration process, especially if you have no legal background. Some people opt to work with a car accident attorney to ensure the best possible outcome for their arbitration hearing. Accident attorneys can help those involved in car accidents understand if arbitration is the best option for their claim.

Arbitration isn’t right for everyone. Because it is legally binding and the results can’t be appealed, arbitration can leave some car accident victims hung out to dry. In some cases, arbitration requires time off work that a victim can’t afford. Others dislike the lack of jury deciding their fate. With matters in the hands of a single arbitrator, it’s their sole decision to make.

If you believe arbitration might be right for your situation, Lawsuit Info Center can help connect you with an experienced attorney in your area. They can help you understand the arbitration process and whether or not it is indeed worth pursuing your claim. To find out what your car accident claim could be worth and to get in touch with a lawyer in your area, simply fill out this form and one of our team members will be in touch

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