There is no fixed rule on when you can get your settlement check from your personal injury case such as in a head on collision. If you want to get a settlement after a car accident from an auto insurance company, you should work closely with a personal injury attorney to get the check as soon as possible.

There are three reasons for a delay in getting your settlement check for your head on collision settlement:

  • Factual or legal issues with the case
  • The personal injury case involves a large figure
  • You still are receiving treatment for injuries from the wreck

It is especially common for large payouts to take a long time to resolve. Insurance companies do not want to pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars without going through their due diligence. This means they will investigate every part of the damages and liability parts of the case

You also usually need to reach maximum medical improvement before you can get your settlement check for your head on crash. If you hurry this, it could be a disastrous mistake as you may end up needing more medical care than you thought.

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