After a multi-vehicle car accident, some period of time needs to go by before you understand the severity and nature of your injuries. Even minor pain and injuries could linger for a few weeks after an auto accident involving multiple care before you can completely assess how it affects your life. More serious car accident injuries will necessitate medical treatment that may be ongoing for weeks or months, and the fact that there were multiple cars involved in the accident just complicated things further… more injuries, more cars to fix, and more insurance companies to negotiate with. 

But there is a time limit you have to file a car accident claim for your multi vehicle accident, knows as the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations is defined as the maximum amount of time someone has to file for legal recourse (file a claim or initiate a car accident lawsuit) after the incident occurred. 

Most states have a statute of limitations of 2-3 years for car accidents, although there are a few exceptions. This doesn’t mean that you have to agree to accept an auto accident settlement in this time frame, just that you need to initiate the process. Getting your case started is one thing, but you do not want it resolved (i.e. accepting a multi vehicle settlement offer) before you understand the full nature and extent of your injuries. 

Once you have filed a car accident claim with the insurance company asking for compensation for your injuries, lost work time, and pain and suffering, you will start negotiating the final multi vehicle accident settlement. 

An important aspect of the negotiation process is whether you have reached maximum medical improvement, or MMI. This means you are as healthy as you will be after your injuries, or you and your lawyer at least know how to assign a value to your damages as far as future medical treatments and the ongoing financial costs of your injuries. 

Keep in mind there is nothing lost by starting the car accident claims process before you reach your MMI. Just be sure you fully understand what your past and future damages are before you settle the case. 

You need to make sure you do not accept a multi vehicle car accident settlement and sign a liability waiver before you are confident you have reached MMI, or you have fully accounted for the necessary expenses for your future care in the settlement. Once you have signed the waiver, the case is settled and there is no going back. 

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