This will all depend on what type of insurance coverage plan you have. You already know that when you are driving your own vehicle and you get injured you will be covered by your own protection policy. So, who will cover your auto accident settlement in the event you are injured as a passenger?

It’s important to know that in the unfortunate event you become injured as a passenger, you may be covered by multiple insurance policies including your own, the driver of the car you are riding in, and/or the opposing driver. If you become injured as a passenger in another vehicle, in this case it is the faulted drivers insurance company that is responsible for covering your damages.

In most states, you are obligated to have personal injury liability through your insurance plan however, depending on what policy you have the coverage might not be enough to cover all of your medical expenses and other expenses that come along with your auto accident injuries. If you have opted to have full coverage through your insurance company, it will cover the damages done to the third parties.

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