It’s rare, but in some instances a passenger can be liable for a car accident. Most passengers who’ve been injured in an accident imagine that their injuries are the responsibility solely of the driver of the car they were riding in, or the other driver involved.

However, it is not always the drivers’ responsibility, and there are some cases where the passenger can actually be blamed for causing the accident. Here are a few instances where the passenger may be partially at fault for causing the accident:

  • The passenger was arguing with the driver and for whatever reason decides to grab the steering wheel. In this situation the passenger technically becomes the driver since the vehicle is still in motion, and as a result can be found at fault
  • A married couple is driving home and gets into a heated argument. In frustration, the wife slaps her husband, who is driving, causing him to lose control of the car and hit a tree.
  • A passenger in the back seat is throwing things at the front passenger and something hits the driver, causing them to look away and rear end another car at a stop light.

There are some other scenarios where a passenger can be found at fault for causing an auto accident, but in most cases it will be one of the drivers who is liable to pay any damages.

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