If a car accident case is settled out of court, the amount of the settlement and case details are not public record. Most car accident claims are settled out of court, so odds are that your case is not public record. 

However, cases arise where the plaintiff and defendant cannot agree on a settlement, and the case goes to court. If you file a personal injury lawsuit in court and the case is decided by a judge or jury, the results ARE public record. 

Whether the result of your case will be private or public record can be a factor when you are thinking about settling or filing a lawsuit. Most insurance companies and plaintiffs want to settle out of court. This can happen in arbitration or mediation, rather than going to court because more flexibility is allowed and costs less. Settling also keeps your name out of the public record. 

Your attorney can advise you on whether to file a lawsuit or not. If you want to keep the details of the case and settlement private, filing a lawsuit may not be a good choice for you. Your attorney also can rely on his previous litigation in car accidents and determine whether it is likely you could prevail in a trial. 

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