Bard IVC Filter Lawsuit Settlements

IVC filters are also known as inferior vena cava filters. They are small medical devices that are directly implanted into the blood vein. They are used to reduce the risk of pulmonary embolism (blood clots). These implants are meant to be a temporary solution for those who are at an increased risk of blood clots, such as after a surgery.

Bard IVC Filter Lawsuit Settlements

Medical Concerns with Bard IVC Filters

Unfortunately, these devices are being left in the individual’s’ body far longer than they should be, which causes serious medical issues. The devices have a tendency to dislodge from their location and travel through the veins. They sometimes puncture the vein or other organs, causing bleeding and severe pain. They can also travel to the heart or lungs, which is often fatal.

The FDA issued their concern in 2010, noting that filter migration, detachment, and vein perforations were common. The device itself also sometimes fractured, causing breakage and allowing pieces to travel through the veins. The devices themselves can also become difficult to remove.

G2 Design of Bard IVC Filters

C.R. Bard’s first generation of filters, called the G1, had similar issues to the products sold today. It was pulled from the market two years after it made its debut, and the G2 took its place. The G2, however, has the same design and function as the first model, and it still has serious problems.

Part of the arguments in IVC filter lawsuits is that these devices were defectively designed and are not as safe as the testing they reportedly went through would indicate. Design defects and failure to warn are common themes in IVC filters. This failure to warn would include both the doctors who recommended or implanted the device and the victims themselves.

Bard IVC Filter Lawsuits and Settlements

Many people have taken legal action as a result of problems associated with the Bard IVC filters. Lawsuits are in process throughout the country. As of July 2016, there are an estimated 700 individuals involved in at least one class action lawsuit involving C.R. Bard IVC Filters. Another 650 lawsuits involve another IVC manufactured by Cook Medical.

Although there have been settlements involving the IVC filters, those amounts have been kept largely confidential. One such settlement occurred after the parties were already ten days into the trial; another settlement occurred after 11 days in trial. As large multi-district litigation moves forward, settlements are expected to occur more frequently.

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