What Should You Know About Your Multi Car Accident Settlement?

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When a car accident involves multiple cars, it can quickly become complicated to file your own claim. Multi vehicle car accidents, sometimes referred to as “pile-ups”, means the involvement of several different insurance companies. Additionally, there may be more than one party responsible for a multiple car accident. All this means that getting your multi car accident settlement may be a little more complicated than in other types of accident.

 Some common causes of multi car accidents include:

  • One vehicle rear ends another, causing a chain reaction of vehicles getting rear ended.
  • Two cars crash, one flying into oncoming traffic. This causes a train reaction of crashes.
  • Abrupt lane changes can cause a multi car accident by forcing drivers to brake and swerve to avoid hitting each other.
  • A car running a stop sign or red light can cause a multiple car accident. 

When a car accident involves several cars, it can be extremely terrifying. The more cars involved in an accident, the more unpredictable heaps of 4-ton metal could potentially cause injury. A multi car accident can involve upwards of a dozen vehicles in the worst case scenarios. This can lead to many serious injuries, and these car wrecks are potentially fatal. 

It can be complex when it comes to filing a claim to receive compensation for your injuries sustained in a multi car accident. One of the most important factors determining how much your claim may be worth is the severity of your injuries and property damaged. If your vehicle ended up totaled and you received serious injuries due to your multiple vehicle car accident, you are more likely to receive a higher than average settlement. Due to the severity of these accidents, multi car accident settlements tend to be large. 

What Is The Average Multiple Car Accident Worth?

Crashes with multiple vehicles involved means that there is more potential to receive injury. If you ended up struck by several vehicles, for example, each impact could cause injury. Therefore it is difficult to determine what your multi vehicle car accident claim may be worth or who is at-fault for each injury. If you received serious injuries as a result of a multi car accident, it is worth talking to a local attorney. An attorney will be able to look at an overview of your case. With all the information, a lawyer can better determine what factors impacting your case will affect the value. From there, it will be easier to understand what your multi car accident settlement will look like.

What Factors Determine How Much My Multi Car Accident Settlement Might Be?

Beyond your injuries and property damage, there are many factors that will determine how much your multi car accident settlement claim may be worth. The average claim will factor in the risks associated with being in a multi vehicle car accident. Because these account for over 10% of car accident related deaths, insurance companies take these accidents seriously. However, they will still look to pay out as little as possible when you file a claim.

When you speak to an attorney about your multi car accident settlement, they will consider the following factors.

  • Total damage to property
  • Number, type, and severity of injuries
  • Who the at-fault party was
  • If there was any negligence by the at-fault party
  • Local and state laws regarding compensation

Remember that each multi car accident is unique. The circumstances surrounding your multi car crash could make it worth more or less. In order to receive the max amount of compensation possible, it is in your best interest to speak to an experienced local car accident lawyer. This will allow you to get a more personalized look at what your car crash compensation may be worth.

How Is Liability Determined In Multi Vehicle Car Accidents?

Establishing the liable party in a multi vehicle car accident is key to landing a settlement. Whichever driver was liable is responsible for compensation for the injured parties. This liability may be due to negligence or the unfortunate circumstances of the accident. Thankfully, that driver’s insurance company will bear the burden of payment in the majority of cases. This means that you can deal with that driver’s insurance company rather than the driver themselves.

However, like with most car accidents, establishing liability in a multi car accident settlement can be a long process. The easiest cases are ones where a driver admits their liability shortly after the accident. Settlement cases like these are the easiest and quickest to finalize. When liability is clear, it makes it easier to reach a multi car accident settlement.

Complicated accidents can have many factors that lead different parties to be liable. Bad weather, driving under the influence, speeding, and distracted driving all factor into liability. If more than one party is driving irresponsibly at the time of the crash, it means they may be found liable during the investigation process.

In the event of an investigation into your multi vehicle car accident, you’ll want to keep track of the following. This will make settling your case out of court easier. 

  • Police reports
  • Pictures and video from the scene
  • Driving records of the liable parties
  • Police or first responder statements

What Are The Common Legal Issues In Multiple Vehicle Car Crashes?

When considering multi car accident settlements, the laws involved can become complex. As your attorney investigates, they will work to create the best case possible for you. If your attorney can prove that more than one driver is at fault for the accident, it will be better for your case. This is due to the fact that your attorney will be able to seek damages from multiple insurance companies. 

If only one driver is liable, that will require their insurance to payout to all the injured drivers. Depending on what type of policy that driver carries, there may be little money to split between all the injured parties.

The right attorney will fight for you to receive the most compensation possible. In addition to determining if more than one person is at fault for the accident, they may also seek testimony from other injured drivers to help with your case. This is especially helpful if the accident was severe. If you have lasting injuries, you will need as much compensation as possible to pay for your medical bills, time off work, and pain and suffering.

One huge hurdle to jump for multi car accident settlements is state laws regarding liability. In some states, if you are even slightly liable for the car accident, there may be a limit to how much compensation you receive. Some states do not allow drivers liable to receive any compensation at all. A local attorney will be able to parse state law to see if you can land a multi car accident settlement.

Examples of Settlements In Multi Vehicle Car Accidents

Each multi vehicle crash is different. But, you can use these example settlements to get a general idea of what your case may be worth. An experienced attorney will know how to fight for you in the settlement process. With their help, you may be able to receive the compensation that you can expect. These examples come from a wide variety of states and situations. They should help you to understand what multi car accident settlements may amount to.

  • $13,000,000 settlement for a pedestrian who suffered severe brain, spine, and neck injuries during a multi car accident.
  • $9,000,000 in a settlement for a child pedestrian struck by a car as a result of a multiple car crash.
  • $7,500,000 total settlement for survivors of a multi car accident that resulted in the death of several family members.
  • $5,000,000 for a man who received severe back and spinal cord injuries after a multi car accident.
  • $4,500,000 for a driver who experienced severe symptoms of pre-existing conditions after being in a multiple car accident.
  • $2,500,000 settled by a worker involved in a work vehicle multi car accident.
  • $2,250,000 to the passenger of a car involved in a rear-end multi car collision.
  • $1,250,000 awarded to a victim with neck and back injuries after a sideswiping in a multi car crash.

Get Help With Your Multi Car Accident Settlement

Car crashes that involve multiple vehicles can leave extreme damage and injury in their wake. These cases are often more complex than two vehicle car accidents. It may require more time than you expect to reach a settlement with the insurance company. If your case ends up going to trial, it could take even longer to receive proper compensation.

Thankfully, with the help of an experienced attorney, multi vehicle car crashes mean that there are multiple ways you can receive proper compensation. Because more than one insurance company is often involved in settling these cases, your attorney will have different avenues to help you receive the money you need.

After multi vehicle car accidents, many people suffer from injuries and must take time off work to recover. An experienced attorney will help you make sure you receive money to help cover your time off work. Additionally, you will need funds to help pay for your medical bills and car damage. This will help you get back on your feet more quickly after a crash. 

Make sure you keep copies of all your medical records, police reports, and insurance documents. Being organized and keeping track of all your files will help your attorney fight the insurance companies! The more evidence you have of your injuries and damages, the easier it will be for your attorney to argue your case. If you are looking at a multi car accident settlement, you will want a lawyer by your side. Reach out to Lawsuit Info Center today for a free, risk free consultation. We will review your case and help you get in touch with a car accident attorney in your area. 

Frequently Asked Questions about car accident settlements

If your multi car accident caused your pre-existing conditions to worsen, you may expect further compensation from the insurance companies. Just because you have pre-existing conditions before your car crash does not mean you will not be eligible to receive a settlement. Your compensation claim will depend on a variety of factors. Some of these factors include your injuries and any property damage. If your injuries were severely worsened, you may be able to claim money for your pain and suffering. This is dependent on your state’s laws.

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If you begin to experience pain or other symptoms of injury after your multi car accident, seek immediate medical attention. There are many common car crash injuries that may not always present themselves immediately after the crash. These can include whiplash and shoulder muscle injuries. Even if your symptoms take hours or a few days to appear, you may be entitled to compensation. Your attorney will help you use your medical records to fight the insurance companies for the proper payout.

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If you were in a rear-end accident that caused multiple cars to collide, insurance companies are likely to classify it as a multi car accident. This will benefit you when it comes time to file for compensation. The more drivers found to be liable for the car accident, the more insurance companies that your attorney can file a claim with. This makes it easier to receive the compensation to pay your bills and pay for property damage. 

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Even if you are liable for your car accident, you may be able to file a claim with the other at-fault party’s insurance company. Many states do not bar at-fault parties from receiving compensation. However, there are other states, such as Virginia, which do not allow drivers with any liability in the crash to receive compensation. Talking to a local car crash attorney who knows the ins and outs of your state’s law will help you know for certain if you can file to receive compensation.

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Determining who is at fault in chain reaction car accidents can be challenging. The more cars involved, the more complex the investigation.

When the accident happens, the police will do an investigation to determine the cause of the crash and who might be at fault. But remember: Police can issue tickets for traffic violations, but they do not determine who is liable for an accident.

Because of the amount of insurance money involved when there are several vehicles involved in a chain reaction wreck, it is common for auto insurance companies to bring in their own investigators to determine fault.

The legal system determines who is at fault by finding the person who started the chain reaction crash. In a rear end crash, it is assumed to be the driver at the back of the accident.

Investigators for the insurance companies will also look at other possible contributing factors:

  • Was distracted driving a factor?
  • Were any drivers under the influence of alcohol?
  • Was any driver speeding or engaging in road rage?
  • Were any drivers tailgating?
  • Was any driver driving the vehicle too fast for weather conditions?

In a chain reaction crash, it is important to have a skilled personal injury attorney advocating on your behalf. He will maximize the chance that you will get as much compensation as possible for your injuries in this complex crash claim or lawsuit.

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In a multi-car accident, it is rare for the front vehicle to be blamed for the accident. However, it can occur on occasion. Witnesses or others involved I the crash may say that the front car stopped for no reason – no traffic light, traffic or stop sign – just stopped for no reason at all. Or, the front vehicle may have suddenly moved from one lane into another and hit their brakes. In these cases, it is possible for the front driver to be at fault, but again, this is rare.

The average car accident settlement ranges between $14,000 and $28,000, so generally, the typical settlement average is $21,000. The average for a more serious car accident is $31,000. You should talk to your personal injury attorney to find out more information about what the settlement amount could be for the front driver in a multi-car accident.

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When you are in an accident that involves several cars, establishing fault is complicated. There are usually several auto insurance companies involved and all are trying to reduce their liability and pass the buck to the next person and company. This means there will probably be multiple parties to blame for different parts of the accident. So, you will want to hire an experienced multi-car accident personal injury attorney who has the experience and skills to handle these complex cases.

An attorney who is skilled in multi-car accidents will be able to handle the following aspects of your case:

  • Find and communicate effectively with all insurance companies involved
  • Determine the level of insurance coverage for each driver
  • Determine degree of fault for each driver
  • Whether you share any blame for the accident, and whether you have a case
  • Gather all needed information by completing a thorough investigation, research and deposing witnesses
  • Ensure medical bills are being paid by insurance companies
  • Get you a fair settlement for lost wages, pain and suffering and and injuries
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Chain reaction crashes are very dangerous and scary, as there is more than one threat to your safety. These cases are more complicated for attorneys to work out for settlement because there are several defendants and insurance companies involved.

The largest issue in a multi-vehicle accident is to determine who was at fault. The dollar value for a multi-vehicle accident can run high. So, an insurance company may bring in a special investigator to review the accident case. The matter of fault is going to hinge on duty of care and proximate cause.

Every driver has what is known as duty of car to drive in a safe and reasonable way and to watch out for others on the road. If a driver or drivers breaches their duty of care, there must be a connection made between the breach and the accident.

The most difficult part of an auto insurance claim with several cars and drivers is that it is challenging to assign blame equally and fairly among all drivers. Disputes may arise. Keep in mind that in most multi-car accidents, there will be multiple claims for compensation, they will probably be contested and the entire process will take longer. You will almost certainly need a personal injury attorney in such cases to best represent you. It is best to present your case to your attorney in a consultation to get a better idea of what the claim could be worth.

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Typically, the driver that has rear-ended you is liable. However, this does not mean that the last car involved is liable for the entire accident. Generally, it is the responsibility of each driver to control their vehicle and keep distance to avoid a rear-end collision in the event of any sudden stops. In the instance the driver in back of you has rear-ended you, however, you were tailing too closely to the car in front of you, it is possible you will share some of the fault.

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Generally, 3-car pile-ups are rear-end collisions possibly causing a chain reaction of accidents, typically determining the rear car at-fault for the entire pile-up. However, it’s not always the rear driver’s fault. If you are the last car to be involved in a 3-car pile-up it ordinarily means there was some reason, which caused the 2 cars ahead to collide such as bad weather, or the first car failed to have proper break lights. Determining who is at-fault in a 3-car pile-up is a complex process that involves investigating each driver’s circumstances. Just because you are the last car involved in a multi-vehicle accident does not necessarily mean you will be determined at-fault. Be sure to collect concrete evidence such as a police report, eyewitness statements and interviews from other drivers/passengers.

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In the unfortunate event that you are involved in a multi-vehicle accident involving 3 or more cars, it can be a bit confusing exactly who to put the blame on. A vehicle may hit another vehicle since they themselves were affected from behind, which usually happens in multi-vehicle collisions. So, how do you determine who is liable for a multi-vehicle accident? When one driver runs into the back of another, and that individual’s car is involuntarily forced forward into the car before them, that driver would be at-fault since they solely began the chain reaction. The driver determined to be at-fault for the accident is liable for damages to property as well as personal injuries. The liable party is responsible to pay either out of pocket or through their insurance.

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What does it mean to be involved in a “chain reaction” car accident? A chain reaction car accident involves at least 3 vehicles where one vehicle hits another in a progression of backside collisions that are caused by the impact of the primary crash. For example, it’s a rainy day and the road is slippery. Vehicle A, rear-ends vehicle B, forcing vehicle B to rear-end vehicle C. These types of accidents can be tricky when determining who is the at-fault party is due to the amount of drivers involved in the accident. In most situations where the driver rear-ends the car in front of them is liable. When determining who is at-fault you must review a series of questions for all drivers involved. Questions to help determine who is at-fault include:

  • Was Driver A following Driver B at an unsafe speed or distance?
  • Was Driver B following Driver C at an unsafe speed or distance stopping suddenly forcing Driver A to rear-end Driver B?
  • Were any drivers driving negligently? (Under the influence, tired, distracted)
  • Were there any eyewitnesses to verify?
  • Break lights and signals working properly
  • Debris in the road that has failed to be cleared causing sudden stops
  • Evidence from vehicle damage can help determine who is at-fault
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