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Lyft Accident Claims and Settlements

Lyft and Uber ride-sharing services have boosted traffic fatalities by 2-3% since 2011, with thousands of people hurt.

If a Lyft driver hurts you in a car accident, you probably want to know the kind of settlement you can expect. This page details Lyft accident claims and payments and answers common questions about accidents involving Lyft drivers.

The most important thing to remember about Lyft accidents: Lyft accident insurance, up to $1 million in coverage, applies only if the Lyft driver was actively engaged in giving a passenger a ride or on the way to pick up the passenger when the accident occurred. If the crash happened when the driver was not driving a passenger, the driver’s auto insurance would probably be affected, which has lower coverage limits in most accidents.

Lyft also has a minimal Lyft liability coverage of $20,000 on its uninsured motorist policy that may be in effect if you are a Lyft driver on your way to getting a passenger, and an uninsured driver hits you.

Having a skilled Lyft accident attorney in your corner for your Lyft accident claim can help you maximize your coverage in these complex cases.

Ride-Sharing Safety Concerns

We may not give it a second thought, but we rely on Lyft and Uber drivers who are often no more trained or experienced than the average person on the street. Unlike commercial motorists like truck drivers or cabbies, these drivers are independent contractors. Requiring no special certification beyond a driver’s license, Lyft will allow just about anyone to sign up to drive. Many of us regularly place our safety in the hands of a stranger simply by hailing a rideshare car.

Of course, once on the road, Lyft drivers must contend with all the same road hazards faced by motorists each day. Bad weather, changing traffic patterns, reckless drivers and distractions can all lead to a bumpy ride. On top of driving, though, Lyft drivers must also maintain a degree of professionalism with their passengers. This only adds to their sense of distraction. There is also the time factor to consider – many are on a mission to make as much money during their shift as possible, and are willing to blow past speed limits to get passengers to their destinations quickly.

Lyft Accidents as a Passenger

Car accidents are always scary, but they can be even more unsettling when you’re in the back of a Lyft. Should you suffer serious injuries, your condition could require expensive surgeries and limit your ability to return to work. As with any other crash, you’re likely eager to receive a settlement to cover these expenses. Unfortunately, though, the path towards such a settlement isn’t always clear when ride-sharing drivers are involved.

Much depends on the cause of the accident and which driver is at fault. If the other motorist involved in the wreck rear-ended you, for example, you would file a claim with their insurance company. Should the driver be uninsured, Lyft offers uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage for passengers involved in a wreck.

If the crash was caused by your Lyft driver, though, things become more complicated. You have the right to take legal action against both Lyft and the driver themselves. An attorney can help you build a case, investigating whether or not the driver had a history of DUIs or if their car met the standards required by Lyft.

After a Lyft Wreck

If you’re feeling unsure about your rights and want to ensure the best possible outcome after a Lyft accident, take a few moments to collect evidence of the crash. Get the full names, phone numbers and addresses of every driver involved. Snap a few photos of the damage done to the cars as well as of your injuries. Collect the insurance and driver’s license information from all drivers involved, and see if any witnesses are willing to go on the record about what they saw. This information can prove invaluable should you need to take legal action.

A Lyft accident settlement is far from guaranteed, no matter how much evidence you collect. Anyone involved in such an incident should speak with an attorney as soon as possible. After being examined by an EMT or doctor, it’s important to find an experienced car accident lawyer who has dealt with ride-sharing collision victims before. With an attorney on board, you’ll feel secure knowing that a professional is looking out for your best interests.

A successful attorney may be able to recover the costs associated with any injuries you sustain in a Lyft wreck. In addition to the medical bills you might accrue, a lawyer can help you recoup costs associated with medications, physical therapy appointments, and even pain and suffering. If you missed work because of your injuries, your settlement could also include the wages you lost out on while recuperating.

Do Lyft Drivers Have Collision Coverage?

Yes, if the driver for Lyft had collision coverage on their policy. This is known as contingent collision coverage. Also, the collision coverage for Lyft applies only from when the rider accepts the ride until the end of the ride.

So, the collision coverage for Lyft does not apply if the driver had not accepted a ride when the crash happened.

Why Hire A Lyft Accident Lawyer?

If you are hurt in an accident involving a Lyft driver and want a Lyft passenger settlement, you need a Lyft accident attorney. You probably are dealing with more insurance adjusters in a rideshare crash than in a regular car accident. Lyft auto insurance is complicated, and the company does not like to pay big claims.

You may be working with up to six different claims adjusters from various insurance companies in many cases. You might even have to work with up to nine! That means you must email and call a lot of people for a single claim.

You probably have to leave voice mail messages with different adjusters asking for a call back. You will be waiting a long time for several adjusters to get back to you. In the meantime, you are not getting compensation for your injuries, and you may be out of work.

It is easy to get discouraged and frustrated in this situation and even give you. Trying to juggle so many insurance adjusters is made more complicated because you probably do not have a case management program that sorts all auto claim information into the right locations. This makes taking notes easier when an adjuster calls you.

Get a complimentary consultation with a Lyft car accident attorney to minimize your stress and worry.

Does Lyft Insurance Pay More For Your Pain and Suffering If the Car Had Major Damage?

Generally, auto insurance companies pay more for pain and suffering if the car suffered severe damage. There is no reason that Lyft’s insurance provider will be different.

The thinking here is that a jury is more likely to think you suffered severe injuries if the car had severe damage. After the crash, take pictures of all damage to the vehicles involved in the accident.

If you hire a Lyft car accident lawyer, they can take high-quality photos of the damage.

Does Lyft Pay More For Your Pain and Suffering If You Ride in an Ambulance to the Hospital?

An auto insurance company may give you a larger pain and suffering settlement if an ambulance takes you to the hospital. Logically, Lyft’s insurance company would do the same thing.

Their thinking is your injuries are more severe if you took an ambulance to the hospital. Lyft’s adjusters might ask you if your airbag deployed. This is an indicator that you suffered a more severe accident.

If you can, get someone to take a picture of you when you are on the stretcher. This is a powerful image in any car accident lawsuit. If you stay a night in the hospital, it helps your case have a photo of you in the hospital bed. Ensure it is a high-quality photo.

How Long Does It Take Lyft To Mail You A Settlement Check?

When you reach an accident settlement with Lyft, they should send you the check within two weeks. But the more challenging part is to get the payment. Lyft insurance providers are tough negotiators, but a skilled attorney should be able to get you a substantial settlement.

Some states require the insurance company to send the check in a specific time frame. In Florida, the insurance company must mail the check within 20 days of you signing the release.

Can You Sue The Lyft Driver If the Driver Did Not Cause Your Injuries?

No. But you can hire a Lyft accident attorney to file suit for uninsured driver coverage if you should be covered by UM coverage. Perhaps you own a vehicle with UM coverage. If you reside with a loved one who has uninsured motorist coverage on a car, you could be entitled to use their UM coverage.

You could sue without an attorney, but this is a bad idea. Laws involving uninsured motorists in a Lyft accident are complex. You will get a better settlement and have much less stress if you call a lawyer.

When Will Lyft’s Insurance Company Be Most Likely to Pay Policy Limits For Your Injuries?

This will probably happen if you are a driver for Lyft to get a passenger and an uninsured driver hits you. In this case, Lyft’s insurance provider will probably pay the limits because this is when the company’s insurance limit is at the minimum.

Lyft carries a $20,000 uninsured driver insurance coverage policy for this situation. This is the lowest policy limit Lyft has, and they are more likely to pay it when they can because it is so low.

What If You Were in a Lyft Car and Another Driver Hits You But He Had No Insurance?

If the Lyft car suffered damage, Lyft’s auto insurance company would put an insurance adjuster on the claim. The adjuster can check if the other driver had insurance when the accident happened. Auto insurance companies can access this information, but you cannot.

Remember that if the auto insurance provider for Lyft covers the damage to the Lyft vehicle, they will want to get this money reimbursed if another vehicle caused the crash. If you are hurt because another driver was reckless, you also want to know if the other vehicle has bodily injury liability insurance.

This is important because Lyft’s uninsured driver coverage does not apply unless your claim is worth more than the other driver’s bodily injury coverage.

Sample Lyft Accident Settlements

Below are some Lyft accident settlements from other attorneys across the country. Your payment could be for more or less. Be sure you talk to a licensed attorney about your case for more information about a potential claim. You can locate a personal injury attorney in your area with Lawsuit Info Center’s attorney finder tool.

$70,000 Lyft Accident Settlement

A car rear-ended another car that had a Lyft passenger in it. The Lyft passenger claimed the crash caused his back, wrist, neck, and ankle injuries.

Fortunately, he did not have a herniated disc or required surgery. Geico insured the other vehicle, and it had $25,000 in bodily injury coverage. Geico issued the check for $25,000 just one month after the crash.

Geico issued the check quickly because their covered driver received a ticket for speeding.

However, the at-fault driver was underinsured. The injured Lyft passenger had more injuries and damages than $25,000. So, the driver and his attorney made an uninsured driver claim with Lyft. Lyft has $1 million of underinsured driver coverage for its passengers.

Lyft’s insurance company paid $45,000 to settle the case, with a total settlement of $70,000.

An Example of When Lyft’s Auto Insurance Company Is Most Likely to Pay Policy Limits for Your Injuries

Let’s say John is a Lyft driver who accepts a new ride request. He is driving to pick up his passenger when another driver rear ends John. John’s car suffers massive damage.

John takes an ambulance to the hospital. He complains of pain in the back, knee, and neck. Over several months, John gets therapy for his back and neck. But he does not receive an MRI of his injured back or neck.

In this case, Lyft’s auto insurance provider will probably pay policy limits. The reason is the uninsured driver limit is a mere $20,000. That $20,000 is perhaps much less than the injuries and damages John has. He should hire a Lyft accident attorney right away to check for all possible coverage, so no money is left on the table.

Will the First Settlement from Lyft Be Close To Their Final Offer For Your Personal Injury Claim?

Don’t bet on it. Lyft’s insurance company made a final offer of $45,000 on a $70,000 settlement in one attorney’s case. They first offered a measly $16,000.

Get Legal Help With Your Lyft Passenger Settlement

If a Lyft driver or other driver hurt you in an accident, talk to a personal injury attorney today to discover if you have a case. You can find a licensed attorney on the Lawsuit Info Center website with its attorney finder tool.

Frequently Asked Questions about car accident settlements

Get medical care right away, even if you do not think you need it. If you wait to get care, your settlement will be smaller because you did not get prompt medical care. To get a claim going, the crash needs to be reported to Lyft. The claim is set up fastest if the passenger or Lyft driver reports the Lyft accident on their app.

After your accident is reported, Lyft’s insurance company sets up a claim for you. You receive a claim number, and all contact from that point is with Lyft’s insurance provider.

Did you find this FAQ helpful?

The time it takes to settle hinges on the facts of the case. If the Lyft driver was engaged in a ride, then the insurance company for Lyft does not face pressure to settle the claim quickly. Some attorneys say they do not settle rapidly in 80% of cases. 

This is because the Lyft car probably has a $1 million insurance limit, and most cases are worth much less. This translates into their insurance company taking their time on settlements.

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If the Lyft passenger owns a vehicle, their Personal Injury Protection coverage pays up to $10,000 in medical costs. But PIP only is in effect in no-fault states such as Florida and several others. 

If the Lyft passenger does not have a car, their relative’s PIP should cover up to $10,000 in medical costs.

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Yes, if the Lyft driver had a collision policy on their auto insurance policy. Lyft says this is contingent collision auto insurance coverage. Also, the collision coverage for Lyft only applies from when the person accepts the ride until the person exits the vehicle. 

However, Lyft’s coverage does not apply if the driver has not accepted a ride. Worse, the coverage has a $2,500 deductible.

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Factors that will determine your Lyft settlement amount include: 

  • How severe your injuries are. Medical records and treatments after your injuries will play a major role in the size of your settlement. Get treatment as soon as possible after your Lyft injury so that you have good medical records available when you file suit. 
  • Current and future rehabilitation and medical costs. 
  • Economic damages you suffered. This amount can include loss of income and future earning capacity because of long term injuries and disabilities you suffered. 
  • Non-economic damages: You may be entitled to recover money for emotional distress and physical pain you endured. Your pain and suffering compensation can be calculated by per-diem or by assigning a number between 1 and 5 to your suffering, and then multiplying it by your economic damages. 
  • Insurance coverage available: Lyft has a $1 million liability policy available. But if the driver did not have his rideshare app on when the crash happened, the insurance coverage of the driver applies. If the rideshare app was on but there were no passengers in the vehicle, there is a $250,000 policy limit. If the rideshare app was in use and the driver is connected with a possible passenger, or if the driver is going to pick up the passenger, the $1 million limit applies. If you were in the vehicle as a passenger when the crash happened, the $1 million policy applies. 
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