5 mistakes to avoid in settling your car accident case

After being injured in a car accident, there are several mistakes you want to avoid so that you can get as much compensation as possible for your injuries: 

#1 Taking a Quick Settlement

You could have a lot of medical bills and lost income after your accident. The insurance company knows you may be under the gun financially and emotionally, so they could offer you a small settlement. But you may not be fully recovered and uncertain how much your damages will be. So, you should wait until you have fully recovered before you even think about agreeing to a car accident settlement

#2 Allowing the Other Insurance Company to Record Your Statement

The insurance adjuster will say he needs a recorded statement from you to process the claim. But you have no legal duty to give any statement to the at-fault driver’s insurance company, let alone a recorded statement. You only need to cooperate with your insurance company. A recorded statement for the other driver’s insurer will be used against you, so never allow it. 

#3 Seeing a Doctor the Insurance Company Recommends

A doctor recommended by the insurance company has a relationship with the insurer, so he or she likely will provide a medical analysis that pleases the company. If you see your own doctor, you may be legally required to get a second medical opinion by the insurance company. An attorney can fight this request, or ensure that you are able to select a fair, objective doctor. 

#4 Letting the Insurance Company Drag Out the Claim

Some insurance companies will say the claim is being processed. What they are really doing is dragging their feet in hopes that you go away. They want you to give up on the claim or get desperate enough to take a low settlement. This is bad faith on the company’s part. Don’t tolerate it. 

#5 Thinking You Do Not Need an Attorney

There are some cases that do not require an attorney’s help, but be wary if the insurance adjuster says you don’t need an attorney. It is always better for the insurance company to negotiate with you and not an experienced car accident attorney. Contact a car accident injury attorney from Lawsuit Info Center today to schedule a free consultation.

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