Wawanesa Arbitration Process

Were you in a car accident and have Wawanesa auto insurance? Then you probably have made a claim with your or another insurance company. It is important to understand the arbitration process that insurance companies use if settlement negotiations break down.

Arbitration is an alternative method of settling a car accident claim other than going to trial or going through the normal channels of the Wawanesa claims process. The arbitration process typically involves two or more insurance companies to resolve who is responsible for which injuries and damages in a claim. But you could be one of the parties in an arbitration case, too.

Arbitration is often a good choice because it is cheaper and faster than a trial. The arbitrator is a third party who is often a retired judge or attorney. If you decide to go to arbitration or Wawanesa decides to go to arbitration, the decision that is made is final and you cannot appeal.

Below is more information about the Wawanesa arbitration process.

Overview of Wawanesa Arbitration Process

The arbitration process is started by one side of the dispute informing the other that they want to go to arbitration. This is done in writing.

The first item on the agenda is deciding who will arbitrate and render the decision. Each party to the dispute must agree who will arbitrate. Whoever that person or persons are, they are required under the law to be fair and neutral.

Arbitrator is Selected

After the arbitrator is agreed upon, a hearing date is set. This date is also when each side must provide documentation of their case. After all parties have submitted their evidence to the other, there is a period for review where each side sees what the other side’s case is.

This cooling off period could cause Wawanesa or the other party to settle the case. This can happen when one side sees the strength of the other’s argument. That is why 2/3 of arbitration cases resolve before the hearing date.

Arbitrator Decision

At the hearing, Wawanesa and the other party will present evidence. The arbitrator reviews everything, and after a few weeks or months, the decision is made in writing. The decision is final, and will include what each party gets and who pays for what.

Get Legal Advice

If Wawanesa is your insurance company, arbitration will occur without your input, although the insurance company will let you know that arbitration has been chosen. But if you face an insurance company on your own, you should have your case reviewed by an experienced attorney. Our website can help you find an experienced arbitration lawyer near you.

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