Wawanesa Arbitration Process

Wawanesa Arbitration Process

No one ever wants or plans to be in an accident. They are dangerous and can be costly. That’s why the law requires car insurance. Otherwise, a car accident could bankrupt you.  Wawanesa is a Canadian car insurance company. Arbitration is a way to resolve car accident claims. It’s the process that 99% of insurance companies use. It is a simple and effective way to resolve the claim without going to court. Additionally, it is also cost effective. But you may not know much about the Wawanesa arbitration process. 

There are several car insurance companies to choose from. And, there are several different ways to handle a car accident claim. So, what is arbitration? Arbitration is a step between settlement and the courtroom. When neither insurance company can settle, arbitration is the next step. Arbitrators are usually retired professionals like judges or attorneys. They come and make a decision for the parties.

There are pros and cons to arbitration. Typically, it’s required by most insurance companies because it works without costing a lot of money.

We’re going to walk you through the arbitration process with Wawanesa Insurance.

The Process Begins

In most car accidents, the victim of the crash files a claim. The victim wants to get money for their bodily injuries and vehicular damage. It’s known as “compensation for pain and suffering.” As soon as claims are filed, the insurance companies will try to settle. Ultimately, the fastest possible resolution is the goal. It saves the most time and money. 

Arbitration begins with a formal letter from one party to the other. The letter states that the claim has not settled. So, an arbitrator will resolve it. The next step is picking the arbitrator.

Choosing The Arbitrator

Both parties must agree on who the arbitrator will be. You can choose a single arbitrator or a panel of arbitrators. You can find an arbitrator at the Lawsuit Info Center. Click “Find an Attorney” from the menu options. Attorneys who also arbitrate will show up in the results.

Once you’ve found the right arbitrator for your case, you’ll make an appointment with them. That appointment is your hearing date. That date is important. Be sure to submit all your evidence and supporting documents by that date. The arbitrator will not consider any late evidence or documents. Provide everything you can to convince the arbitrator. You want to convince them that you deserve all the compensation you’re requesting.

After the arbitrator has met with both parties, they will review your case. During this time, both insurance companies will compare arguments again. Sometimes, the insurance companies or parties resolve the case. This can happen before the arbitrator makes their decision. This happens two-thirds of the time. If this doesn’t happen, the arbitrator will render their decision. They will notify you via a letter. That letter will contain all the information you need to settle the claim.

Wawanesa Arbitration Clause

There are two kinds of arbitration that you need to know about. Binding arbitration means that you cannot argue or appeal the arbitrator’s decision. It is non-negotiable. It’s set in stone. You also can’t sue the insurance company if you’re unhappy. It sucks, but it’s how insurance companies protect themselves from lawsuits. Their primary concern is saving money. Non-binding arbitration is the opposite of binding arbitration.

If Wawanesa Insurance represents you, you will be under binding arbitration.

The second thing to consider is coverage for first-party auto insurance claims. There are three kinds. 

  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage
  • Medical payment coverage
  • Underinsured or uninsured driver coverage

Wawanesa Arbitration for 3rd-Party Claims

You’re a third-party claimant if you are the victim. You will file a claim with the insurance company that represents the driver who hit you. You will not be subject to binding arbitration. The other party will be subject to it. Being the third party who sues the primary policy holder is the only exception. All others are subject to binding arbitration. This means that you can take the other party through arbitration. But, if you don’t like the arbitrator’s decision, you can reject it. It’s the other party who can’t reject it. This is because they caused the accident.

Are you the third-party claimant? There’s no right or wrong way to handle your claim. But there are good and better ways. We recommend getting an expert’s opinion. An experienced attorney will help you get the most in damages. After all, that’s what you’re after. Lawsuit Info Center is here to help. Click “Find an Attorney” to get started.

Why Opt for Wawanesa Arbitration?

We recommend going through arbitration for the following reasons:

  • Arbitration is fairly affordable. Legal fees are fewer. And an attorney isn’t required. 
  • Small claims limit what you can collect. Arbitration does not. 
  • Pain and suffering are included.

There are several advantages to arbitration with Wawanesa Insurance. 

  • Arbitration takes way less time than court.
  • The arbitrator won’t take months to make a decision.
  • The arbitrator won’t show bias.
  • The rules of evidence aren’t as stringent. Your evidence will be accepted.
  • You’ll collect damages faster. 

What Happens During the Wawanesa Arbitration Process?

Are you about to go through arbitration? Do you want to know what to expect? We don’t blame you. We’d want to know, too. 

Wawanesa Insurance will hire an attorney to be at the arbitration. But, this is a common practice. Wawanesa needs to have someone there to represent them. The attorney doesn’t have any authority. 

The whole process is easy. When it’s your turn, you’ll present your facts. Then, the opposing party will also have this opportunity. The arbitrator will listen to both sides without bias. No surprises will pop up. Here’s what your part will consist of.

First, you’ll provide your opening statement. This includes the same information that’s in your claim. Tell the arbitrator what you want. Tell them why you deserve the compensation you’re requesting.

Second, present your case. You want to convince the arbitrator to give you what you want. Convincing them will require evidence. Show them everything. Don’t hold anything back. You want to prove your need for the damages you want. 

Finally, you’ll give your closing statement. You’ll briefly summarize your points.

The arbitrator will provide their decision quickly. It usually takes about two weeks.

Once again, we want to remind you about getting an attorney. This will help you decide if arbitration is right for you. Most attorneys will talk with you for free to see if they can help. So, you have nothing to lose.

How Is Wawanesa Insurance At Paying Auto Accident Claims?

Wawanesa Insurance is below average. Sadly, they mostly care about saving time and money. That means getting everyone to settle for the least amount possible. However, most insurance companies operate this way. It’s why we recommend consulting with an attorney before you make a decision. They will actually have your best interest at heart.

Talk to Your Attorney About the Wawanesa Arbitration Process

Don’t feel surprised if Wawanesa Insurance settles the claim without asking you how you feel about it. They don’t have to loop you in. So, don’t expect them to. Prepare to have your own legal defense. You might not need it. But it’s better to be ready. We hope you’ll use the resources we offer here at Lawsuit Info Center. We can help you find an attorney. And that attorney can help you get the most in damages.