USAA Arbitration Process

Were you in an accident in your car and have USAA auto insurance? You should understand what it means to go to arbitration. Arbitration is an option other than going through a trial to resolve a car accident claim or trying to handle it through the USAA Claims Process. Arbitration is typically used to determine who is liable to pay for which damages and injuries in a car accident. The arbitrator is a third party who reviews the evidence each side has and renders a fair and neutral decision.

USAA Insurance

USAA Insurance

Arbitration can be a good choice if the car accident settlement process goes south with USAA and the other insurance company. Or, you can choose to go to arbitration with the insurance company yourself in some cases. Below is more information.

Overview of USAA Arbitration Process

The arbitration process is started by one party to the dispute informing the other in writing that they intend to go to arbitration. The first thing that needs to be decided is who is going to arbitrate the case. Each side to the dispute must agree to who the arbitrator or panel of arbitrators will be. This arbitrator must be fair and neutral in deciding the case and is usually a retired judge or attorney.

Arbitrator Is Chosen

When the arbitrator has been chosen by USAA and the other party, an arbitration hearing date is set. This is also the deadline for both sides to submit evidence to the other. After both insurance companies or sides have submitted their evidence to the other party, there is a period of a few days or weeks where each side reviews the information. This could encourage USAA or the other party to settle prior to arbitration. This is an intentional cooling off period that encourages settlement and an end to the case. Up to 2/3 of arbitration cases actually settle before the arbitration hearing date.

Decision Is Rendered

During the hearing, USAA and the other party will make its case about the accident and who is responsible for which damages and costs. It can take a few weeks or months for the arbitrator to decide. This is a simple statement where the arbitrator states what each side gets and who is paying for which legal costs.

Remember there is no appeal possible during arbitration. The decision is final.

Speak to An Attorney

If you are represented by USAA, they have attorneys who will make the decision to go to arbitration for you. But if you are representing yourself in a claim against an insurance company, it is wise to talk to an attorney before you decide to go to arbitration. You can use our website to find a qualified arbitration attorney in your state.