American Family Arbitration Process

American Family Arbitration Process

If you were in an accident and have American Family auto insurance, you should understand how the arbitration process works. Arbitration is an alternative method for resolving legal disputes between both sides of a car accident claim without a trial. The arbitration process usually involves two insurance companies, but can involve you and an insurance company as well.

American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance

Arbitration is a faster and more efficient way to deal with car accident settlements than going to court. The arbitrator is usually an attorney or retired judge. The decision of the arbitrator is final. Arbitration may be a better course of action than going to court if settlement is impossible. If you’re dealing with American Family for a more traditional claim, you can learn more about the American Family Claims Process here. Below is more information about the American Family arbitration process.

Overview of American Family Arbitration Process

The arbitration process is started by one side of the dispute informing the other in writing that they wish to go to arbitration. This is done in writing. The first thing to be negotiated in arbitration is who is going to decide the case. Each party to the case has to agree who the arbitrator should be. The arbitrator is obligated under the law to be fair and neutral.

Arbitrator Is Selected

Each insurance company or side to the dispute must agree who the arbitrator will be. After this is decided, you will have an arbitration date set. This is also when each side, including American Family, will have to submit their evidence to the other side. After each side has given evidence to the other party, there is a review period built into the process.

This may allow American Family or the other side to agree to settle the case. This is often what happens when each side of the dispute sees the evidence the other has. About 2/3 of arbitration cases are settled before the hearing date. You are not required to attend arbitration if you are represented by American Family or an insurance company.

Arbitration Decision

At the hearing, American Family and the other party or insurance company will present their evidence. The arbitrator will review the evidence and will take a few weeks or months usually to render their decision. This is done in writing and is usually brief, stating who gets what and how much. This decision cannot be appeal and is final.

Speak to An Attorney

If you are represented by American Family, arbitration usually occurs without your input. But if you are representing yourself in a claim, you should speak to a qualified attorney before going to arbitration. Please use our website to help you find a qualified attorney in your region.

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