Should I Get an Attorney After a Car Accident?

You can always choose not to hire a lawyer and deal with your legal matters yourself. However, this is generally not advisable. You will have a much better chance of success if you use an good personal injury lawyer after your car accident. Whether you should get an attorney after a car accident is a very personal decision. In making this decision, you should keep in mind all of the beneficial services that a lawyer will provide in your case.

attorney after a car accident

Dealing with the Insurance Company

Unfortunately, many insurance companies take advantage of car accident victims by offering them low settlements that they know likely do not cover their claims. The problem is that victims often have no idea what their claim is really worth. This is especially true for those who have serious injuries that will likely affect their long-term health and well-being.

An attorney can make sure that the insurance company does not take advantage of a victim and help the victim get the compensation that they actually need and deserve.

Collecting Information

Lawyers are great at collecting information. They have certain resources at their disposal that the average victim may not. Attorneys also have abilities under the law that victims can use if they represent themselves, but they would have to take the time and effort to learn about.

Collecting information also takes a considerable amount of time. When you are recovering after a car accident, you should be focusing on getting healthy, not dealing with gathering evidence for your case. Let your lawyer worry about that so you can focus on what really matters—your health and well-being

Knowledge and Experience

Attorneys know the law and the process in a way that the average victim does not. An attorney can help you navigate the complicated waters of the legal process and advise you of your rights after a car accident. Even this simple knowledge is a huge asset in a car accident case.

It would take considerable time and effort for the average victim to look up and use the applicable laws that may apply to their case. Again, this time and effort is better spent healing after your car accident.

Should I Always Get an Attorney After a Car Accident?

There are situations where you may not need to get a lawyer. If fault is not contested and the insurance company is offering to pay for all of your expenses, then involving an attorney might not be worth it. Small fender benders also may not require the services of an attorney.

The more serious the injury, the more likely an attorney should be involved. Call 877-810-4067 to speak with an attorney that is licensed in your state and familiar with the laws of your state. You can also fill out the contact form above for more information.