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  1. Download Settlement Calculator
  2. Upload As Plugin To WordPress Site
  3. Go into settlement calculator in your wordpress dashboard and be sure to enter the following information: email address and phone number
  4. Optional information to enter is email subject and form completion message
  5. You can display an injury settlement calculator anywhere on your wordpress site by using the following shortcode in the content section of your page:
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    Step 3

    Injury Settlement Calculator

    The year when accident happened.
    Select if you were injured or not.
    Select YES if you were the reason accident happened otherwise NO.
    Select YES if you already hired an attorney otherwise NO.

    Injury Settlement Calculator

    Medical bills and expenses.
    Primary used for auto injuries. Type 0 for personal injury.
    Lost income, wages or benefits like PTO.
    Future and ongoing medical treatments.
    The more serious, long-lasting, and painful the injuries, the higher the multiplier.

    Settlement Estimate

    This is not legal advice. This tool provides a very rough estimate for informational purposes only. All personal injury settlements are different based on individual facts of each case. For an accurate idea of what your claim may be worth, please contact us for a free legal consultation. Book your free consultation now by calling the number or clicking the button below your estimate.

    Enter the phone number were you can be reached at.

  7. If you want to integrate into a third party system, you will need to enter an action url and name||value pair in the custom data line

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