How Much Is Your Car Accident Settlement Worth? Free Settlement Estimate

Use extreme caution speaking with your insurance adjuster before you have talked to an auto accident attorney. The only case where you should do so is in a minor accident with less than $1000 in personal and/or property damages and you are positive you do not have serious injuries. In any car accident settlement examples where the damages are more than this, you could make incredibly costly mistakes by saying the wrong thing to an insurance adjuster (whether it is yours or the other driver’s) before speaking with an attorney.

Below are some tips about how to handle insurance company adjusters after the accident:

  • Do not talk to him directly. If the adjuster calls you, the best idea is to have a family member talk. Any statement that another person makes on your behalf cannot be used against you in court later. But anything you say personally to the adjuster can be used against you later.
  • Any conversation your family member has with the adjuster about the accident should be kept brief and relate only the facts of the accident and no opinions or admission of fault.
  • If you must speak to the adjuster yourself, do not say anything about how you think the accident happened. Anything that is an opinion should not be shared with the adjuster.
  • Do not say if you were injured or not before talking to an attorney.
  • Do not allow the adjuster to record the conversation. They must ask your permission to do so.
  • Do not meet privately with a property damage adjuster. It is possible for the adjuster to say whatever is in the interest of the company based upon a private meeting with you.

Again, other than for a very minor car accident settlement with minor to no injuries, you should talk to your attorney before speaking an any insurance representative.