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Connecticut Car Accident Laws

On this page we examine Connecticut car accident laws that includes how long you will have to file a lawsuit after your car accident and how much compensation you may be awarded.  We also go over how the payout will be affected based on how at fault you were in causing the car crash

Deadlines for Filing a Car Accident Lawsuit in Connecticut

In Connecticut you have 2 years after a car accident to file a lawsuit. These same two years also apply to filing a lawsuit for vehicle damage.  This two-year clock begins on the day of the accident.

This is due to Connecticut Statute of Limitations law, which affect how long you are able to file a case in court.  This doesn’t tie strictly to filing a claim with insurance although the recommendation is to file a claim as soon as possible after your accident.  The reasons for this are this faster time frame will give you more time to negotiate a settlement with the other party.  If you are unable to come to a resolution you will still have time to file your lawsuit.  This is good leverage to have during the negotiation phase.

Two years goes by quickly after a car accident.  We’ve heard countless stories of people who waited too long to file their claim.  It left them unprotected, they couldn’t reach a settlement and lost their legal rights.  Try not to let that happen to you.

Comparative Fault Rules in Connecticut

In Connecticut, we follow a law called Proportional Comparative Fault at 51 Percent.  This essentially states that if one party is fault for more than 50% of the accident, they are unable to file a lawsuit against the other party, regardless of how serious their injury or vehicle damage may be.

If you decide to file a car accident lawsuit, all parties must present evidence to establish who was “at fault”.  The reason this is so critical is to the process is to determine not only who is at fault, but what percent of fault each driver is responsible for.   Let’s go over an example case to see how compensation would be paid out.

In this example you have filed a lawsuit for your damages after you were hit by another car. The jury determines your lost wages, and other losses from the accident total $20,000.  The jury also finds that you were 25% at fault in this accident.  The other driver is only responsible for 75% of the total damages.

Under Connecticut car accident laws, the $20,000 total would be reduced by the 25% fault that you were responsible for so you would be awarded a total of $15,000.   Obviously this changes once you are 50% or more responsible for the accident in which case you will not receive any money.

Other Rules regarding Car Accidents in Connecticut :

Connecticut Small Claims: $5,000 Limit

Connecticut Personal Injury Statute of Limitations: You will have 2 years from the date of accident.

Connecticut Car Accidents Involving Government Vehicles:Car accidents involving government vehicles are a bit different.  If you’re in a crash with a government vehicle or worker, you’ll need to file a claim with the right government agency, and you won’t have two years to do it.  This is a 6-month time window that you will want to act on as quickly as possible.