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Long Term Effects of Whiplash After a Car Accident

There are several long term effects of whiplash after a car accident. If you have suffered a whiplash injury in a car accident, be sure to talk to a personal injury attorney as soon as possible to see if you can receive compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering and medical costs.

Whiplash Overview

When you suffer a whiplash injury, you will have soft tissue damage in your head or neck that could include a concussion. The severe motion back and forth of your neck and head causes the tendons and ligaments of the neck to be stretched and torn. The damage can get better or worse over time, depending on other symptoms that come with it.

Long Term Effects

Beyond the short term effects of neck pain, stiffness and soreness, there could be longer lasting symptoms of the injury that may include:

* Dizziness

* Pain and stiffness in the neck area, such as shoulders

* Severe pain in the upper and lower back locations

* Jaw throbbing

* Trouble sleeping

* Migraines

It is possible for these symptoms to last for days, weeks, months or years. Full symptoms could only appear a few days after the crash, with the injury most often felt within 12 hours after the accident. This is why it is always important to have yourself checked by a doctor after the accident; a very serious whiplash injury may not feel like a significant injury until days after the accident.

Also, some areas of the body could have weakness or numbness, such as legs or arms. Some sufferers may have serious ear ringing. Others can have difficulty concentrating and problems with memory. If long term whiplash symptoms affect the eyes, you could have blurred vision.

Whiplash effects that are felt for over six months is referred to as chronic whiplash. It can be treated with prescription painkillers, muscle relaxants,

physiotherapy and rest time from work. Other options for whiplash treatment can include acupuncture, chiropractic car, massage, and electronic nerve stimulation to reduce pain in the neck.

How Long Term Whiplash Effects Affect Your Claim

There are a number of ways that long term whiplash injuries could increase or decrease the dollar value of the claim. In some cases, the injured person cannot stay in the courtroom because of the physical pain of the injury. This can indicate to the judge and the jury that the physical damage of the whiplash was significant and requires you to receive more treatments and pain medication. An attorney working with a physician may be able to explain how the severe whiplash occurred and how to serious injuries put additional strain on other parts of the body.

Proving Long Term Effects of Whiplash for the Claim

Usually, strong evidence is required to prove that long term whiplash injuries exist. If you are suffering long term effects that show obvious symptoms, it is not as hard to prove that you suffered long term effects. This will increase the strength of the claim and show why a higher whiplash settlement is necessary. You will need to show the court your medical records from various medical professionals that prove that your whiplash injuries are having long term effects on your life. The more documentation you can show, the more likely you are to convince the judge and jjry.

Legal Options

It is important to see a medical professional about your whiplash injury immediately after the accident, so the medical paper trail is started immediately. Then, consult with an experienced personal injury attorney on our website for a free consultation to determine next steps