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Products To Help Make Your Commute Safer

Comfort behind the wheel can be both a blessing and a curse. While it’s good to be calm and in control while driving, it’s when we become too comfortable that we lapse into bad habits. There’s no time of day that exemplifies this better than the average commute. Most of us are in autopilot mode, sipping our coffee on our way into work and eager to get home in the evenings. Unless something out of the ordinary occurs, your commute isn’t likely to leave much of an impression on you.

That kind of autopilot driving can lead to a more dangerous commute. As you head home mindlessly, you’ll be more likely to commit minor traffic violations or miss your exit. While comfort is good, taking our safety behind the wheel for granted is not. If you’d like to ensure a safer daily commute, consider these products that will help you arrive at your destination in one piece.

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Cell Phone Mount

Our cell phones are multi-functional these days, serving not only as our primary form of communication, but as our DJ, our news provider, and our navigator. While we might promise ourselves not to text and drive, far too many of us are still guilty of driving while distracted by our phones. When the urge to reach for our phones to change the song playing can be a life-or-death decision, we must seriously reconsider how we use them in the car.

While storing your phone out of arm’s reach might be best, those who depend on their phone for GPS services can benefit from a cell phone mount. These simple, affordable devices can totally change the way you interact with your cell while behind the wheel. Some suction cup to your dashboard, others sit in your cup holder, and a few rely on magnets to help keep your phone upright. By holding your phone up for you, a cell phone mount can ensure you’ll never need to take your hands off the wheel to navigate again.


Maybe you’re in denial about how often you’re reaching for your phone at the wheel. Most people of us fail to practice what we preach, so consider investing in the SMARTwheel. Snap the device over your steering wheel and get alerts every time you engage in unsafe, distracted driving habits. A SMARTwheel app monitors your progress, giving you a safety grade to continually work to improve upon.

Great for parents of teen drivers and anyone with enough self-awareness to admit they get distracted at the wheel, the SMARTwheel is an easy way to track bad habits. The company claims their invention can actually prevent accidents from occurring. What more could you want from a safety product for your car?

Sun Visor

The technology is ancient: humans have been using shade to protect our eyes since the Stone Age. The addition to the car, however, is revolutionary. If you’ve ever used your vanity mirror flap to keep the sun out of your eyes while driving, you’re sure to love the addition of a glare-blocking visor for your car. This simple and affordable product can significantly change the way you see the road on your way to and from work.

By snapping onto your vanity mirror, the transparent plastic partially blocks the sun and glare caused by other vehicles. In addition to allowing for better sightlines while driving, the device also helps protect your vision from UV and blue rays. Consider the sun visor a lens from a giant pair of sunglasses, only more powerful. The benefits are clear!

ZEISS DriveSafe Glasses

If sunglasses for your car aren’t enough, try the ZEISS DriveSafe glasses on for size. Vision problems can be made worse by bad weather conditions like rain, snow or fog. Not coincidentally, driving is made more difficult by the same conditions. These glasses were developed to help combat many of the vision challenges experienced by motorists.

Not your everyday pair of specs, the DriveSafe glasses are designed to reduce glare from other vehicles, provide better vision for low-light conditions and provide a more accurate perspective of the road, dashboard, and mirrors. Anyone who has ever struggled to see in low lighting can benefit from a pair of these in the car.

Regardless of your safety needs, there are dozens of products on the market designed to help. By taking a careful inventory of common commuter safety risks, you’ll have a better idea of how to combat them. While no safety device can prevent every collision, these kinds of tools can ensure a safer ride each day.

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