How Much Is Your Car Accident Settlement Worth? Free Settlement Estimate

If you were seriously hurt in a car accident, you will be curious how much your case could be worth. It is important to negotiate the best settlement possible for your car accident case, after you understand exactly what your medical costs and other damages are. offers the following car accident lawsuit calculator to help you to calculate how much your car accident lawsuit will cost. This is only a rough estimate; to get a more exact figure, contact a licensed attorney through our website.

More Information About Calculating Car Accident Lawsuit

The most important step to decide whether to settle or go to court with your car accident case is to arrive at a reasonable calculation of the money that you could get with a settlement. Most auto insurance companies and personal injury lawyers use a formula of some kind to arrive at a starting point for car accident settlement talks.

A common formula in personal injury cases involves using a multiplier with your total medical expenses to arrive at an estimate of non-economic damages, which is mostly funds for your pain and suffering. That figure will be added to your various economic losses, such as property damage, medical bills and lost income to arrive at a dollar amount where negotiations can begin.

There are two types of damages that occur in most personal injury cases: economic losses or special damages, and non-economic losses or general damages. In almost any personal injury case, the losses that you suffer will be in one or both of these categories.

Special damages are those that are easy to add up. They will include your medical costs, lost income due to work you missed, and property damages. There also could be various out of pocket costs in special damages, such as medical co pays, parking fees etc.

But general damages are much harder to quantify. They will include pain and suffering, which includes mental anxiety, physical discomfort, stress and other negative effects of your accident injuries, as well as the effects the injuries have on your day to day existence.

That is where the multiplier comes into play. The insurance adjuster will add up all of your special medical damages and multiply it by a number from 1.5 to approximately 5. The multiplier can be higher or lower based upon several factors: How severe are your injuries? How much medical treatment do you need now and in the future? Will you make a full recovery? Are there going to be long lasting effects with your injuries? How much has the accident affected your daily life? Are you now unable to do things that you once enjoyed?

The more severe your injuries, the higher the multiplier. You will obviously want a higher multiplier and the insurance company will argue for a lower one. There is a lot of wiggle room in the figure that is arrived at with the multiplier, but at least it gives you and your attorney a starting point for serious negotiations in your car accident lawsuit or settlement.