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Utah car accident laws

On this page we will dive into Utah car accident laws including from how long you have to file a lawsuit to how much compensation you can expect.  Utah is also one of only a dozen no fault states and we will explain how that insurance system works.  Keep on reading to see exactly what you need to know about Utah’s car accident laws to see if you have a claim.

Utah’s “No-Fault” Insurance System

So what exactly does it mean that Utah is a no fault car insurance state?  What this means is that when you get into a car accident, you will reach out to your own insurance, and file a claim.  This is the case whether you were at fault or not.  Your insurance is then required to pay at a minimum, $3,000 of a “first party” claim.  For many minor accidents, that may be all that is received.

For major accidents this may be a bit different.  You are able to file a lawsuit seeking damages above and beyond the $3,000 initial money.  This is allowed in cases of serious injuries including disability, disfigurement and more.  There is an injury threshold in Utah that you must qualify for.

Other rules regarding Car Accidents in Utah:

Utah Small Claims: $10,000 Limit

Utah Personal Injury Statute of Limitations: You will have four years from the date of injury.  The only exception is if you don’t discover the injury until a later date.  In this case you have from the date you discovered the injury.

Utah Car Accidents Involving Government Vehicles:

Car accidents involving government vehicles are a bit different.  If you’re in a crash with a government vehicle or worker, you’ll need to file a claim with the right government agency, and you may not have two years to do it.