How Drug Companies Influence Doctors

In the video below, former Pfizer executive Peter Rost explains how the pharmaceutical industry exerts it’s influence on the medical industry. It’s pretty eye opening to hear how they not only influence doctors at the prescription level, but on the medical research, training, and publishing levels as well. The drug giant is behind a number of bad drug lawsuits, including Zoloft, Lipitor, Bextra, and others.

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Using money to gain influence:

In a nutshell, the big pharmaceutical companies’ game plan for influence seems to be:

  1. Allocate grant money to doctors, professors, and institutions to fund their programs.
  2. Pay doctors speaking fees to travel around as an independent expert to speak on the benefits of your drugs.
  3. Reap the benefits of doctors who have been educated to believe that the only way to fix medical issues is by prescribing the drugs in these studies (and who are being very well compensated to recommend them), effectively creating the most persuasive sales force on earth.

On the surface, this is all fine and good, however the problem comes in when those dollars are not allocated fairly. Instead, they are granted to the doctors, institutions, speakers, professors etc, who are speaking highly of the company’s products, while anyone speaking critically of said company’s products, seems to get passed over for any of this money. So the unspoken rule is, if you want to get money to fund your studies, institutions, etc, you had better play ball and run studies that show the benefits of whatever drug the pharma companies want to sell. Then when the bad drug lawsuits start to hit, people wonder why they never heard anything bad about the drug in question before it was too late.

Definitely worth a watch… let us know your thoughts in the comments sections.

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