What is the sternum? The sternum is also referred to as the breastbone. It’s the long bone situated in the middle of the chest. It associates with the ribs by means of ligament and structures the front of the rib cage, protecting the heart and lungs. The common cost for a broken sternum could run from under $500 for a minor break that requires no hospitalization, and up to $8,000 or are other injuries sustained due to the broken sternum. Some other injuries include heart or lung wounds, and those type of injuries require hospitalization which is costly. Settlements for a fractured sternum differ due to multiple variables such as medical bills, recovery time and future medical bills. Some examples of settlements for a fractures sternum are:

  • Plaintiff awarded $100,000 in compensation for fractured sternum due to a t-bone collision.
  • Plaintiff awarded $1,300,000 in a bike and trucking accident causing broken left arm and sternum fracture.
  • Plaintiff awarded $625,000 for fractured jaw, sternum, arms and legs.
  • Plaintiff awarded $1,011,000 for crushed trachea, fractured sternum and head injuries struck in a head-on collision.
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