Almost 1/3 of all automobile accidents in the United States are caused by rear-end crashes, according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The most common reasons for rear-end crashes are:

  • Speeding and reckless driving: When people speed, they do not have as much time to slow down for traffic ahead. It is important for everyone to go no more than the speed limit.
  • Distracted driving, such as with a cell phone: It is illegal in all states to text and drive, and if you are caught doing this in an accident, you can face serious penalties.
  • Traffic and not maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you: It is your responsibility to maintain a safe distance between you and the car in front of you.
  • Mechanical failures: If you do not take proper care of your vehicle, such as fail to change the tires and suffer a blowout, you can get into serious rear-end crashes.
  • Drowsy driving: More people are driving longer distances to and from work, leading to people falling asleep behind the wheel.
  • Driving under the influence:

Probably the reason that is leading to more rear-end crashes is texting and driving. In some studies, texting and driving leads to more fatal accidents than drunk driving.

No matter the reason for the rear end accident, you can have a variety of injuries, including ankle and knee damage; whiplash; head and facial injuries from the deployment of the airbag; and carpal tunnel due to bracing for the crash.

You also can get even more severe injuries from a rear-end crash, such as brain and/or head trauma; closed head injuries; neck and back injuries; nerve damage in the legs or back; spinal cord injuries; and blunt force trauma caused by hitting the steering wheel.

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