According to the NHTSA, below are the top causes of fatal car accidents:

  1. Speeding: Everyone in America seems to be in a rush. Driving too fast for conditions, or more than the speed limit, is the most common cause of fatal car accidents. Driving too fast in adverse weather conditions causes many deadly crashes. Other factors include driving too fast around a curve; not understanding the intentions of another driver; inability to slow in time due to speed; and inability to compensate for maneuvers by other cars due to speed.
  2. Under the influence: People are legally impaired by alcohol when their blood alcohol level is .08 g/dL or higher. Statistics state that 12% of drivers in fatal wrecks were legally intoxicated. But it is possible to get into a fatal crash even if your BAC is below the legal limit.
  3. Veering into another lane: Drivers sometimes fail to stay in their proper lane. This can be from distracted driving due to cell phone, falling asleep, or impaired driving. Also, drivers who suffer a sudden medical condition can veer into another lane and cause a fatal crash. Approximately 8.5% of fatal accidents are this type.
  4. Failure to yield: In 7% of fatal crashes, the driver did not yield right of way. When a driver fails to yield, the chance of a fatal crash rises. This is a common cause of crashes at major intersections.