One of the most common injuries reported in workplace accidents is a back injury. Workers who file claims for back injuries through workers compensation are likely to receive at least some amount of compensation. Recent surveys on this matter found that 74% of workers surveyed got workers compensation. This was done either via a voluntary settlement with the company or through a worker’s compensation hearing. Just 26% of workers who had back injuries did not get an award or settlement.

Surveys show that workers with back injuries who get a settlement in workers compensation receive an average of $23,600. This is slightly higher than the average compensation for workers with all types of injuries – $21,800.

Workplace back injuries can range in severity, so the amount you receive can be much higher or lower than the above figures. Injuries may range from mild strains that only need physical therapy, to herniated discs that need major surgery and months of recovery time.

Surveys also show that 68% of workers with back injuries received $20,000 or less, but the remaining 32% of workers got higher settlements. Six percent got from $20,000 to $40,000, while 17% received between $40,000 to $60,000. Nine percent got more than $60,000.

Workers with back injuries do get more compensation on average compared to other injuries, but their cases take longer to resolve. On average, it takes 18 months for workers with these injuries to resolve their cases. This is approximately two months longer than it takes to resolve cases for those with other injuries. It could be because those with back injuries get medical treatment for a longer time and take longer to reach the point of maximum medical improvement. There is a noted example online where a worker who had a back injury in 2009 did not settle the case until 2014 because of medical treatments that were still ongoing years later.