If you have ever been in an accident and filed a claim with your insurance company, you may have heard of an insurance claims investigator. A claims insurance agent or investigator may either work with your insurance company or may be hired as an independent consultant. Basically, the insurance claims investigator will investigate and analyze facts of a claim to decide whether the case is substantial or not. The purpose of an insurance investigator is to rule out any claim that may be fraudulent or provide evidence that the claim is credible. Insurance claims investigators must be proficient in interview/communication skills. They must also be capable to think outside the box due to scammers attempting to swindle insurance companies and provide fraudulent claims. Steps the insurance investigator will take during this process include:

  • Locating the claimant who will participate in the insurance claim to gather information regarding the accident. Oftentimes, the claimant will file a claim and become difficult to track down.
  • Interview process, which will include interviewing the claimant as well as witnesses.
  • Gathering more evidence including photographs, collecting items, measuring items relevant to the investigation.