A car accident with a head on collision is often a very serious accident. The injuries with these types of devastating crashes can run from the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in many instances. As with any serious personal injury, you and your personal injury attorney first need to add up the following economic costs of the accident after you have reached maximum medical recovery:

  • Your total medical costs
  • An estimate of your future medical costs
  • Loss of income that is due to the injuries that you sustained
  • Damage to your property, including your vehicle and contents

After these expenses are totaled, it is common to use a multiplier from 1-5 to determine how much your pain and suffering damages will be. In a more serious accident with weeks or months of recovery, the multiplier could be 3 or 4; for the most serious, life-changing injuries, it is possible the multiplier could be 5. The auto insurance company will typically argue for a lower number, while your attorney will argue for a higher one.

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