The first settlement offer you get for a rear end car accident is rarely the best offer the insurance company is willing to make – especially to a claimant not represented by a car accident lawyer. While there are always exceptions, and if you think you got a fair rear end car accident settlement offer, there’s something to be said for getting compensated, getting closure, and moving on with your life.

That said, typically the first offer given is a very small amount. This is especially true of whiplash settlements, a very common injury in rear end car accidents, and one where the injury doesn’t show up on x-rays. If you are unsure about the offer given, contact an attorney and ask for a free consultation. Generally they will be happy to review your incident and can give you a ballpark of what compensation you may be able to get out of the collision. Before you make a final decision about whether to accept or reject a rear end collision settlement offer, you need to review the decisions you have and consider the factors that can impact the estimation of your case.

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