There are many different types of knee injuries that you can suffer from. It is difficult to pinpoint an exact amount of compensation you can claim due to the many individual factors involved. The simplest method to figure your knee injury settlement is to utilize our knee injury settlement calculator. For the most part, here’s the recipe that is generally utilized:

Gather the following information and add them all up together

• What type of injury or multiple injuries you have
• Medical expenses
• Wages lost due to inability to work
• Property expenses to damaged car
• Future medical expenses

Once you have added those expenses together, you must factor in the pain value. At that point there’s commonly a multiplier connected to that number on a scale of 1-5, for pain and suffering. On the off chance that the wounds suffered are severe to the point that they will cause continuous torment and additionally disable the victim from performing the day by day life tasks, that number will be higher than situations where the wounds are completely recovered within weeks.

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