Many car accident victims do not realize that most claims end in settlement, not at trial. Most insurance claims for accidents are resolved via settlement even before a lawsuit is filed. Lawsuits take time, which most plaintiffs do not want as they have medical bills to pay. Many insurance companies do not want to go to trial either as litigation is expensive. Also, juries are notoriously unfriendly to insurance companies, and the verdict could cost the insurer more money than a settlement.

However, if the insurance company does not respond to your demand letter in a timely way, you may need to file suit. The legal complaint on the other driver can take up to three weeks for him to respond.

Next is the discovery process. Each side of the case will request documents and information from the other side. Depositions may also be taken. This process can take weeks to months.

The trial is the last part of the process. It is possible for some car accident lawsuit trials to take place many months after the accident. The trial itself could take weeks to conclude.

This lengthy legal process is why most car accident cases settle. A lawsuit is very expensive and time-consuming for both sides.