Being involved in a collision is a traumatic event in itself. Now add 18 wheels instead of 4 and a commercial vehicle insurance company and things become a little more complicated. However, when determining fault in a semi truck accident you will ask the same series of questions as if it were a regular car accident while investigating and determining who the at-fault party is. A semi-truck driver must obey a series of rules including:

  • Must not drive tired and must take proper breaks
  • Age (must be 21 or older)
  • Truck inspections are mandatory
  • Cargo secured safely to ensure safety of others on the road
  • Must not use cell phones or other distractions while driving
  • Follow all other general traffic laws

It is important to remember that although, many truck driver’s work for a trucking company, oftentimes the driver is an independent contractor implying that the trucking company is not responsible for the driver’s mistakes.

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