Some people can effectively handle their own minor car accident claim without a lawyer. In a case where injuries are minor, it is possible to handle your own settlement in a more economical fashion than with the use of an attorney.

To understand if you can represent yourself in a whiplash settlement, you need to get a firm idea of how injured you are. One of the challenges with whiplash injuries is they are not seen on conventional x-rays and similar diagnostic screenings. So, proving that you have suffered whiplash on your own can be challenging. If you insist upon making a personal injury claim without an attorney, your best bet is to see a physician as soon as possible after the crash. The doctor will note your level of pain and injury in your back and neck. With this information, you may be able to show the insurance company making payment that you have suffered whiplash.

But remember, insurance companies are notorious for denying or reducing whiplash claims. So, in a more serious case, you still may consider hiring an attorney to represent you.