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Injury Settlement Calculator

The year when accident happened.
Select if you were injured or not.
Select YES if you were the reason accident happened otherwise NO.
Select YES if you already hired an attorney otherwise NO.

Injury Settlement Calculator

Medical bills and expenses.
Primary used for auto injuries. Type 0 for personal injury.
Lost income, wages or benefits like PTO.
Future and ongoing medical treatments.
The more serious, long-lasting, and painful the injuries, the higher the multiplier.

Settlement Estimate

This is not legal advice. This tool provides a very rough estimate for informational purposes only. All personal injury settlements are different based on individual facts of each case. For an accurate idea of what your claim may be worth, please contact us for a free legal consultation. Book your free consultation now by calling the number or clicking the button below your estimate.

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Trucking Accident Calculator

 Every car accident is scary, but the ones involving tractor trailers are especially frightening. This is especially true of collisions between trucks and smaller passengers cars. Too often, these crashes leave death and destruction in their wake. Anyone involved in such an incident will be eager to pursue justice, but many aren’t sure of whether or not they should file a lawsuit. While only an attorney can provide professional advice on the subject, tools like a trucking accident calculator can help victims understand the value of their claim.

When deciding how best to move forward after a wreck, it helps to look at data used to calculate settlement amounts. A trucking accident calculator will ask you to collect information about the damage you sustain in the crash. Gather medical bills, invoices from the auto body shop, and pay stubs reflecting any shifts you missed out on while recuperating from the wreck. Any costs directly stemming from the incident can be included in such calculations.

While you’re totaling up your costs, consider any other hardship you’ve endured in the aftermath of the crash. A trucking accident calculator is intended to outline the most common forms of crash damages. If you suffered a catastrophic injury, for example, you may find you have additional financial damages on top of medical expenses. A person’s inability to work again, for example, should be reflected in their trucking accident settlement.

In some cases, trucking accidents lead to fatalities. When this occurs, the victim’s family may pursue compensation on behalf of the deceased. In such accidents, claims may include the costs associated with any life-saving medical treatments employed before death, as well as any funeral costs. If the victim was survived by any children or dependents, their family may be entitled to additional compensation to cover the loss of income.

After you receive your results from a trucking accident calculator, you’ll want to consult with a professional about your options. While the tool is a helpful starting point, only an attorney can provide you with the full context of your legal options. When pursuing trucking accident claims, lawyers may want to pursue action against both the at-fault driver and the company that employs them. If there was a malfunction of the tractor-trailer or other equipment, you may even be entitled to compensation from the manufacturer of the faulty vehicle.

Not every accident warrants a lawsuit. In most cases, insurance companies are eager to negotiate a settlement rather than go to court. Depending on the damages you sustained, your role in the crash, and the complexity of your claim, you may not need to file a lawsuit against the truck driver. Use a trucking accident calculator to begin your research, then meet with an experienced attorney for further guidance.

Try out our Trucking Accident Calculator Below:

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