Talcum Powder Settlement

Talcum powder verdicts and settlements have been reached! Settlements are consistently awarded to victims that have been injured or killed by this chemical. If you or a family member has suffered serious injury or death as a result of this product, then it is imperative that you file a talcum powder lawsuit in order to obtain your large talcum powder lawsuit settlement immediately.

Talcum Powder Settlement Reached

Recently, it was discovered that talcum powder leads to an increased risk of ovarian cancer in women. Individuals that use products containing this deadly chemical have a 90% higher chance of contracting ovarian cancer. Talcum powder is most commonly used in feminine hygiene products, baby powder, body-wash and scrubs, and other household, everyday items. In fact, J&J has recently been ordered by a jury to pay the family of a women who died from ovarian cancer $72 Million. This massive talcum powder settlement was reached by filing a talcum powder lawsuit, which eventually lead to a jury trial, and finally the $72 Million dollar settlement.

The first talcum powder settlement was reached after manufacturer Colgate-Palmolive company of New York settled with a family of a women that died as a result of exposure to talcum powder for $13 Million dollars. The talcum powder complaint alleged that Colgate-Palmolive knew or should have known of the devastating effects that talcum powder has on people since the 1930’S. (Judith Winkle vs.Colgate-Palmolive Company, 30 Nat. J.V.R.A. 6:21.)

Currently, there are over 1,200 lawsuits filed against Johnson & Johnson by victims, or families of victims that have been injured or killed by the use of their products. The lawsuits allege hundreds of millions of dollars in damages, and Johnson & Johnson will be forced to respond and eventually settle the talcum powder lawsuits against them. Most recently, the above-stated $72 Million dollar verdict in the case of Hogans et al. v. Johnson & Johnson et al.,. This talcum powder lawsuit settlement was reached after it was proved that Ms. Hogan’s death from cancer was linked to her use of J&J’s talcum-based baby powder and shower to shower products for several decades. Since the 1970’S, studies have continued to show that the powder could be linked to ovarian cancer, and most talcum powder lawsuits allege that Johnson & Johnson knew about the dangerous associated with their product, and failed to adequately warn consumers of the potentially deadly side-effect.

One (1) month ago, a South Dakota jury heard the case of a women who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The Plaintiff alleged in her complaint that her cancer was a direct and proximate result of talc powder used in Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder products. The jury sided with her, and awarded $55 Million in damages.

Further, this talcum powder lawsuit settlement is the 2nd of its kind against Johnson & Johnson, and the settlements will continue to roll in as more people become aware of the health-risks associated with talcum powder based products.