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Injury Settlement Calculator

The year when accident happened.
Select if you were injured or not.
Select YES if you were the reason accident happened otherwise NO.
Select YES if you already hired an attorney otherwise NO.

Injury Settlement Calculator

Medical bills and expenses.
Primary used for auto injuries. Type 0 for personal injury.
Lost income, wages or benefits like PTO.
Future and ongoing medical treatments.
The more serious, long-lasting, and painful the injuries, the higher the multiplier.

Settlement Estimate

This is not legal advice. This tool provides a very rough estimate for informational purposes only. All personal injury settlements are different based on individual facts of each case. For an accurate idea of what your claim may be worth, please contact us for a free legal consultation. Book your free consultation now by calling the number or clicking the button below your estimate.

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Motorcycle Accident Calculator

 Bikers have a tough reputation. In reality, they’re some of the safest drivers on the road. Riding such a small vehicle among tractor trailers, SUVs and trucks takes serious bravery and skill. People who ride motorcycles are all too familiar with the risks they face. Most opt to drive defensively, giving other vehicles a wide berth. Unfortunately, even with bikers are doing everything they can to stay safe on the road, they can be struck by negligent drivers. Accidents happen, but when collisions occur between two vehicles of disparate sizes, the results can be catastrophic. If you’ve been involved in such a crash, you’ll want to use a motorcycle accident calculator to help inform your next move.

In the wake of a crash, it’s difficult to know what legal steps to take. While injuries heal and bruises fade, the statute of limitations on the accident ticks away. In most states, victims have just two years to pursue legal action against a negligent driver. While a motorcycle accident calculator can indeed educate victims about the kinds of damages they may pursue compensation for, it’s just a starting point for the serious legal decisions that need to be made. An experienced attorney is the best resource for such choices.

In the meantime, though, consider gathering documents related to your crash and plug numbers into a motorcycle accident calculator for insight. When deciding whether or not to pursue a lawsuit against a negligent driver, it helps to look back at the damages you’ve sustained because of the crash. Any costs directly stemming from the incident can be recouped through a motorcycle accident claim or lawsuit. Medical bills from the day of the crash, invoices from the mechanic, pay stubs reflecting your time off work for recuperation –- all these documents can help build a case against a negligent driver.

While online tools and resources are great for educating yourself about your rights, they’re just the beginning. A lawyer can help you take action and get the compensation you deserve. While you may be gearing up for a court battle, most accident claims are settled through negotiations, not legal battles. In fact, you may not even need to hire an attorney – depending on the severity of the crash, you may want to negotiate with the insurance company directly.

Since many motorcycle accident lawyers offer free initial consultations, it’s worth setting up an appointment to explore your options. In fact, many law firms won’t ask for a dime unless they successfully recoup your costs. Even if you don’t think you need representation, it’s a good idea to meet with a lawyer to understand what you’re up against when battling the insurance company.

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