What is the typical whiplash claim amount?

Whiplash is a common injury caused by car accidents. But are you wondering how much you might get and what is the typical whiplash claim amount?

In a whiplash settlement claim, you will need to take several legal steps to ensure you get as much compensation as possible for your injuries. Most whiplash injury cases result in a car accident settlement reached out of court, before a trial is held. 

The nature of whiplash injuries is a factor in the timing of filing a claim or lawsuit. In most whiplash injuries, the extent of the injuries, especially in the soft tissues of the neck, are not clear right after the accident. The full extent of your accident injuries may not become clear for several days. This usually applies to minor whiplash cases; symptoms in these situations usually resolve on their own in a few days. 

In more serious whiplash cases, whiplash injuries can have serious, long term medical complications. While some will write off whiplash claims as a nuisance, in reality, they are actually serious injuries. 

Whiplash Claim Amount Factors

When talking about the amount of a whiplash claim, how long you experience pain is a key factor in the value of your claim. Most whiplash injuries go away in a week, and even more serious cases will generally resolve within three months. 

If you were in a crash and have experienced the lingering symptoms of whiplash, such as stiffness, pain, reduced mobility, numbness, tingling and other signs of neck injury, you could be dealing with something more than regular whiplash. 

Longer lasting symptoms could be signs of damage to the cervical spine, including the intervertebral joints and discs. It also may mean you have damage to your cervical muscles and ligaments, or even damaged the nerve roots in your neck. 

Whiplash Claim Process

Only your personal injury attorney can offer the best advice to you about how to obtain the largest legal claim for your whiplash injuries. However, filing a lawsuit against the negligent person who caused the accident is probably the first step that could lead to a good settlement offer. In most whiplash cases, you need to recognize and document your whiplash injuries and damages related to the claim before telling anyone you intend to sue. Also, you should be able to evaluate your whiplash claim with your attorney from a legal standpoint to determine if there is a chance for a decent settlement. 

What Can You Expect to Receive for a Whiplash Claim? 

Settlement amounts for whiplash will vary a lot. But in most mild to moderate cases, you can expect to receive between $2500 and $10,000. More serious cases that require physical therapy over months can result in a settlement of $30,000 or more. But neck injuries that go beyond normal soft tissue damage that affect the nerves or vertebra can end up with a settlement beyond $100,000. 

When To Talk to a Whiplash Claim Attorney

Whiplash injuries can be hard to value from a settlement perspective. It is important to talk to an attorney about your whiplash injury to get a better idea what your case is worth. Going up against the insurance company alone with a whiplash claim will rarely end well, so talk to an attorney in your state about your case particulars. 

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